Report: Peadar Sheridan Competes at WTT Platja d,Aro Spain

Well done to Peadar Sheridan and coach Conn Higgins who competed at WTT Youth contender Platja D’Aro in Spain this weekend.

In his opening group Peadar defeated Oriol Martinez (Andorra)  3/0, followed up by Another 3/0 against Javier Galán (Spain). In his final match hé lost to Tianxiang Zou(Spain) 1-3. 

Three players ended up with two wins each but crucially Peadar’s taking a set against Zou , saw him top the group and advance to the round of 16. 

Another Spaniard, Mattias Betancor was blocking Peadar’s path. Peadar won the opening set 12/10, Betancor the second 11/6 but the Ormeau boy took control, winning the next two sets 11/7 , 11/2. 

In the quarter final another Spanish Challenge awaited. It was a ding dong battle against Mateo Lóis. Lóis took the opening set 11/9.Peadar response with an 11/6 in the second. Again Lóis won 11/9 in the third set. Peadar response was an11/6 in the fourth 

Peadar seems to be in control of the fifth set , leading 7/4 but inexplicably lost the next seven points. A bitter pill to swallow! 

Peadar also competed in the Under 15 event, but was unable to make it out of his group, loosing 0-3 to both European Under 13 number one Danilo Faso (Italy) and Miguel Zaballos (Spain).