Who are Table Tennis Ireland?

Table Tennis Ireland (TTI) is the National Governing Body for table tennis on the island of Ireland, responsible for developing and growing the sport.  TTI represents the interests of our members by promoting, co-ordinating, administering, operating and marketing our sport.

Our Purpose TTI provides strategy, governance and leadership to grow and sustain table tennis in Ireland and to promote the benefits of the sport.

Our Missions:

  1. to develop table tennis in Ireland through local branches, clubs and schools in order to attract and retain players, coaches and volunteers in the sport
  2. to create enjoyable and fulfilling opportunities with table tennis events which cater for all ages and abilities;
  3. to promote the sport widely using innovative digital technologies, championing our star players and raising the profile;
  4. to provide strategy, governance and leadership in the promotion of the sport

Our Vision:

sport for all, a Sport for Life!  

We want to see table tennis played widely through a large network of self sufficient community clubs and for it to be be recognised as both a sport
that brings active fun to all but also as a performance and Olympic sport.

Our Values At Table Tennis Ireland we value: 

— transparency
— inclusivity
— excellence and professionalism
— respect and fairness
— receptive to change
— fun

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Meet The Board


Arnold Morgan

[email protected]
Pat McCloughan - Headshots - 16.01.2023 - 1-9-2-3

Pat McCloughan

kathy 17 (2)

Kathy Endersen

Finance Director
[email protected]

Sanjeev Shelar

Communications & Digital Marketing Director
[email protected]

Meet The Team


John McKenna

General Manager
[email protected]

Sam Logue

National Para Coach
[email protected]

Frank Shirley

Regional Development Officer (Ulster)
[email protected]

Jing Yi Graham

Female Lead Co-ordinator
[email protected]

Catherine Finegan

Accounts & Admin Assistant
[email protected]

Aleksander Barusik

Regional Development Officer (Ulster)
[email protected]

Erin McBride

Sports Executive (Participation and Education)
[email protected]

Ryan Harrison

Participation and Inclusion Officer (Ulster)
[email protected]

Nicole Sutcliffe

Sports Executive (Events & Membership)
[email protected]

Gary O'Hara

Operational Supervisor (Ulster)
[email protected]

Want to Work with Us?

Table Tennis Ireland is a National Governing body that can always do with valuable volunteers! Want to gain some experience for your CV or add something in your life where you can make a difference in a small but successful sport?