In Memoriam


May all our deceased members Rest in Peace.

Mr David Addy (2013)

Mr Paddy Berrigan

Mr Ian Brown (2021)

Mr Adam Buckley (2021)

Mr Gavin Claxton (2000)

Mr Sean Egan (2007)

Mr Joe Finnegan (2020)

Mr Garreth Harmon (2000)

Mr Patsy James (2021)

Mr Cyril Kemp (2010)

Mr Jim Langan (2003)

Mr Brian Larrigan (2020)

Mr Richard Leonard (2020)

Mr Edward Limberg (2000)

Mr Noel Mahony (2006)

Mr Eoghan Molloy (2007)

Mr Clarence Moore 

Mr Vinnie O’Neill (2019)

Mr Pat O’Reilly (2020)

Mr Wesley Pappin (2021)

Ms Alison Parke (2019)

Ms Deborah Phillips (2019)

Mr Conor Quinn (2020)

Mr Stewart Reilly (2009)

Mr Tommy Rowsome (2021)

Mr Jim Sheehan (2021)

Mr Clifford Thompson (1975)

Mr Declan Walsh

Mr Hubert Wine (2011)

Every effort is made to ensure that this list of deceased members of Table Tennis Ireland is complete and fully up to date. However, despite our best efforts, it is sometimes not possible to ensure that we have all of the correct information.

If you have information that would help guarantee the completeness and accuracy of this record, we would be grateful if you could please contact us by email at [email protected] and advise us of any inaccuracies so that we might correct them.