Coaching Pathway


Activators Award Award Course/ Foundation Level

This course offers ideas for fun-based table tennis activities and basic table tennis skills at grass-root level. 

No table tennis background is required to take the course and it is suitable for teachers, parents, volunteers, and any enthusiasts who are interested in becoming coaches and helping promote the sport.

On this first step of the Coach Development Pathway, coaches with this qualification will be able to introduce and coach table tennis in schools, youth centers, community hubs etc. and become assistant coaches in clubs.

This course is for candidates 15 yrs and over.





TTI Level 1 Course 

This is a two-day course, with a 8-10 weeks between both sessions. The course includes a mixture of theory and practical, with some independent learning required between the two course dates. The course is highly rewarding and will provide coaches with a high understanding of the game and allows coaches to further enhance their coaching skills. Learners are expected to complete home study and practical coaching tasks between each day of the course.  

The course is suitable for Junior (16+) and Senior players, qualified Activator Award Coaches (recommended to have 1-2 years coaching experience), club volunteers and parents with a table tennis background.  Qualified Level 1 coaches may also progress to assist with provincial/national training camps and act as Non-Playing Captains (NPCs) for Junior teams.

This course is for candidates 16 yrs and over.


TTI Level 2 Course 

The Level 2 Coaching Award is a more advanced standard in coaching.  It provides a more in-depth knowledge of table tennis including advanced technical and tactical elements of the game as well as an awareness of the physical and mental requirements.  Candidates are required to hold the Level 1 Coaching qualification and obtained at least 2 years’ experience in coaching.  This qualification is suitable for coaches who want to expand their in-depth knowledge of table tennis and provide support to player development by applying sports science in their games.

Qualified Level 2 Coaches will play an important role in the Player’s Development Pathway at club, provincial and national levels.  They could be involved in coaching junior and/or senior players at High Performance standard and progress to be NPCs for provincial or national senior teams.

This course is for candidates 18 yrs and over


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Irish Coach Conn Higgins In Action | Photo By Michael Loveder
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