Women In Sport

Female participation in sport is disproportionately low compared to male participation.  To positively impact this situation, we have set up Women in Sport with the vision – “To create a structure and pathway to facilitate female participation in sport and to develop disciplines and skills which will benefit female athletes throughout their life”.  To help achieve this vision, we have established Aims & Objectives as follows:

  • Increase participation in the sport
  • Create a culture of sport among females
  • Develop a coach education structure specifically targeted at females
  • Develop leadership skills among female participants
  • Identify role models to ensure long term sustainability

“Changing the Game for Girls” – creating a culture of sport among females!  This is a long-term process.  It requires a professional attitude/approach towards the jobs/tasks assigned, teamwork and support from members across the organisation.  It also entails building strong and mutually beneficial links with schools, clubs and local communities; enhancing partnerships with Local Authorities, Local Sport Partnerships, other NGBs and Table Tennis Associations to develop collaboration and good practice.  These elements will demonstrate that we have evolved a strong structure and a robust system to achieve our ultimate goals – increasing female participation at all levels, empowering female coaches and leaders and producing female role models to inspire the next generation – “from First Timers to Life Timers”!

For Further Information on TTI Women In Sport Projects please contact 

Jing Yi Graham

[email protected]

Female Lead Co-ordinator

Table Tennis Ireland

Pictured here are all our amazing female players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers for International Womens Day
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