Our aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds nationwide through the promotion, active engagement and enjoyment of table tennis. Our volunteer program is dedicated to quality people and sport fanatics who would like to take positive local action, by championing the running of Table Tennis Ireland in their communities and supporting the delivery of the ambitions of the Association throughout Ireland.

Thanks to our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers we run numerous events each year. From fun activities, competitions, webinars and information sessions to training camps.

Volunteer roles can be:

  1. Occasional – To help with events or other activities, you could offer your time on a one-off or sporadic basis for example, a couple of hours to help set up a local tournament.
  2. Project based – offer up your skills or expertise for a defined project period for example financial or commercial assistance or administration of a promotional campaign for local sports partnership in the community.
  3. On-going – to support activities at the TTI head office, membership of a national
    management Committee or in local clubs as a coach, umpire, mentor or administrative assistant, where you’re willing to give support on a regular basis throughout the year, for approx. 8 hours per month.

Interested in volunteering in some areas? Get in touch with [email protected] for some further details. We would love to have you involved.