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The last – and most prestigious – event of a season which started last August was held in Palmerstown on 22nd April, and as always it was very well supported. Finishing time was almost 11pm, but all the events were played to a conclusion.


Daryl was favourite for the 40s but had a low seeding position due to earlier injury and illness. He had probably the hardest possible draw but duly made his way to the final with wins over Rita Kacsandi (in his group), second seed Phil (who had lost to Marcus in his group), Rory in a tough 5 setter, and top seed Tibor 3-0 (12-10, 11-3, 11-8). In the bottom half Rita prospered, taking out Pat, Paul Gallagher, and then Marcus in 5 sets (15-13, 7-11, 4-11, 11-9, 11-4).

The final was a classic. Daryl won 11-9, 11-7, 10-12, 11-6, after Rita had saved match points in the third. Both players attacked and counter-attacked with style and quality, Rita’s punched backhands and difficult serves were a constant threat, but Daryl was a worthy, though tired, winner of his sixth Irish 40s title.

There was only likely to be one winner of the Ladies’ event. Rita, proficient as ever, won her group without dropping a game, with Anne Marie runner-up. Ikuko was third and Renata Gadula fourth. In the other group Susan beat Ger 11-8, 11-6, 11-5, to win the group, with Sharon third and Joanna Zeweld was fourth.

In the crossover semi-final matches, Rita dropped a game to Ger, winning 9-11, 11-5, 11-6, 11-7, and Anne Marie overcame Susan 11-9, 11-6, 11-9. Rita was ruthless in the final, beating Anne Marie 11-6, 11-7, 11-6.


The 50s, which was the last event of the day, produced surprises, shocks, and fireworks. In the pick of the last 16 matches, Rod McKirgan beat Philip Shaw deuce in the fifth (11-7, 8-11, 11-2, 10-12, 12-10), Paul Gallagher beat Mark McAllister 11-9, 11-6, 11-7, Des Flanagan had a titanic struggle to beat Tommy Fitzgerald 3-11,11-6, 16-18, 11-9, 12-10, and Sean McAnaney was taken to a close fifth by Dave Pemberton,11-9, 11-4, 9-11, 9-11, 11-7.

There were no shocks in the quarters as Tibor beat Des, Sean beat Paul, Daryl beat Dave Gibbons, and Pat McCloughan beat Rod, with only Pat dropping a game. In the semis Daryl overpowered Pat while Sean was leading 2-1 when Tibor conceded.

Daryl was a heavy favourite to win the final, his twelfth match of the day – Sean was also in his second final – but Sean had a straightforward game-plan. Defend for his life, and if he had an opportunity play an occasional aggressive shot. The redoubtable Derry player has improved immeasurably since our sport recommenced after the enforced covid break. Last year he won the National 60s, this year it was the 50s. It was a hard-fought 3-1 victory, crucially he won the third with an uncharacteristic forehand winner; he then recovered in the fourth from a 2-6 deficit to lead 10-6 and was able to close it out for an unexpected but popular win – a fitting end to the last match of our season.


The 60s is becoming more competitive each season, and there are now several potential winners, with no-one standing out as clear favourite. It was great to see former Irish international Jimmy Robinson taking time out from conquering the ice-cream world and we hope that his comeback will continue next season.

Highlights in the early knockout stages included Tommy Fitzgerald beating Dave Pemberton 3-0, Terry Dolan worked hard to beat Connacht team-mate Kariem 3-1, Des Flanagan coming from behind to beat Fergal O’Hagan 11-8 in the fifth, and Jeremy Lappin beating Keld Jaksland 3-1. Most of the last 8 matches were relatively straightforward, with the semi-finals resulting in Sean beating Terry 7-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-7, and Des overcoming Philip 11-5, 4-11, 11-7, 11-6.

So the stage was set for a final with more than a title at stake. This was the fifth time in 3 tournaments that Sean and Des, travelling companions and team-mates in the Omagh club, had met, and while Sean was already confirmed as Irish no.1, Des needed to win to secure his place on the Irish team. He did so in fine style, 11-4, 12-10, 4-11, 11-4.

And so to the 70s, keenly contested as always, except for those who had the misfortune to run into Tommy Caffrey, who sailed into the final without being troubled by Ken Peare or Albert Coulter, runner-up last year. Title-holder Norman had a nightmare in his group, losing 3-1 to Albert. In the three games Albert won, he dropped only six points in total! Norman was then pitted against perennial rival Brian Finn, just emerging the winner 11-9 in the fifth – about an average score when those two meet. Norman beat Jeremy Lappin 3-0 in the semi, but in doing so by common consent he used up an entire season of nets and edges! The first game in the final was close 11-9, but once Tommy had that one under his belt he won the next 2 11-6, 11-5.

It has been great to note the increase in numbers this season. Given that the Nationals is an event restricted to players who are qualified to represent Ireland, there is a slight drop in the number of competitors, but the figures stack up well – 40s 24, 50s 27, 60s 25, 70s 13, Ladies 12.

Finally, sympathy for the organisers who have to deal with ever-increasing pressure to finish at a reasonable hour. A big thank you to these organisers, particularly Dave and Sharon Gibbons, and Dave Pender. The assistance from Ger, Anne Marie and Jim was invaluable. The contribution by Viv and Teresa at the top table is greatly appreciated. It was also good to see TT Ireland President Tony Martin paying us a visit and presenting some of the awards.

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2023 Master’s Ulster Open Report & Results

The Vet’s hosted a very successful Veterans Tournament on Saturday the 11th of March in Dungannon. St. Anne’s (Dungannon) was a very successful venue for the latest in the Irish Masters events, with competitors travelling from all 4 provinces. With the advantage of a relatively early start and the use of 12 tables, play concluded by 7.30pm. Consolation singles and playoff matches were also played, which gave competitors additional games.

The morning started with the 40s, where there were few surprises. Kudos to Rory who had flown in from GB, to be told that his hire car was not available, so he travelled from Aldergrove by taxi. His reward was a quarter-final win over Phil 3-0 but was then blitzed by the invincible Ukrainian Oleg whose path to the final was untroubled. In the bottom half Mervyn Taylor made it through to the last 8, losing 3-1 to 2nd seed Tibor. Daryl, in an unaccustomed low seeding position after illness, beat Pat 3-0 to reach the semi, where he and Tibor played the match of the day. Daryl lost the 1st and 3rd games, the 5th was neck and neck, and eventually Daryl won it 12-10. So often Daryl finds a way to win the tight matches. This was a great advertisement for Masters table tennis. Oleg then beat Daryl 11-8, 11-8, 5-11, 12-10. Everything Daryl threw at him Oleg returned, frequently from back at the barrier, and often with his very powerful backhand. Daryl had a chance to take it to a 5th but in the end Oleg was just too ‘strong’(sorry!).

Daryl was favourite in the 50s, though having only qualified for that age-group in January he was unseeded. Top seed was Tibor, and the shock of the day was when he lost in the last 16 to Craigavon’s vastly improved Fergal O’Hagan in 4 games. Dave Gibbons then disposed of Fergal 3-1 but lost in the semi 3-0 to Daryl. 2nd seed was Pat McCloughan who duly reached the semi with a 3-1 win over Des Flanagan. Meanwhile local hero Rod McKirgan battled through to the semi with a last 16 win over Sean McAnaney 3-2 and a 3-0 victory over Mark McAlister. Rod excelled himself by reaching the final with a 1st ever win over Pat 11-7, 6-11, 11-7, 11-9. Daryl won his 2nd consecutive 50s with a hard-fought victory though he did drop the 1st game, scores were 9-11, 11-5, 11-6, 11-3.

We then moved to the 60s which was always going to be a very open event. The 2 finalists from the Connacht event, Des and Sean, were drawn in the same group as amazingly they had been at Connacht! Sean was top seed, Des beat him in the group and then progressed to the final with a semi win over Dave Pender 11-8, 9-11, 11-5, 6-11, 11-4. The top 2 seeds were now in the bottom half, Sean had a surprisingly straightforward last 8 victory over Philip Shaw 11-7, 11-4, 11-8. Jeremy Lappin reached the semi with a nail-biting win over Fergal 11-8, 7-11, 11-9, 6-11, 12-10. Sean beat Jeremy 3-1 and met Des for the 4th time in 2 tournaments. Des reversed the Connacht final result, winning 10-12, 11-9, 11-4, 11-4, this was Des’ 1st Irish event 60s title.

The last men’s event was the 70s. Brian Finn moved steadily in to the final. Tom Donnelly – great to see him back – gave him some trouble before succumbing 9-11, 11-9, 12-10, 11-6. The 3rd game was crucial when Tom was unable to close out a 10-8 lead. Barry Dickson had a very tight 3-2 win over Albert Coulter before losing in the semi to Brian 11-5, 11-9, 11-9. By contrast Norman Nabney lived dangerously all day! He got crunched 3-0 by Barry in his first group match, then beat Liam Perris 3-2, dropped the first game to Jeremy, and in the semi gave away 5 match points to David Jacobson at 2-1 and 10-5, before again winning 3-2. And so to Brian v Norman – friends and practice partners but both determined to win. Brian took the first 2 games at deuce, Norman made a Houdini recovery to win the next 3, scores were 14-16, 11-13, 11-7, 11-6, 11-7. Still friends!

The ladies’ event was hard-fought as usual, though none of the matches went to 5 games. In the battle for 3rd and 4th place Paula beat Sharon. The sole Ulster representative Ruth McGilligan competed with spirit, Galway’s Teresa finished 5th just above Renata, but the highlight was the final match for 1st and 2nd place between Ger and Anne-Marie, with Ger coming out on top 11-9, 10-12, 11-9, 14-12. A fine match, with a difference of only 2 points in each game.

And finally, many thanks are due to the host club, the first time they have held an Irish Masters event. Adrian Brown refereed excellently, helped by Jay McAllister and tournament co-ordinator Susan Irwin. Here’s to 2024!

Tournament results can be downloaded below:

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2023 Master’s Connacht Open Results

The Vet’s hosted a very successful Veterans Tournament on Saturday the 18th of February in Palmerstown.

Connaught Vets Open 18th February 2023  

Mens 40’s 

In the round of 16 Eduardo Da Silva won in 3 sets over Rodney McKirgan. Phill Wallace had a very easy 3 sets win over Rory Scott. Susan Hanlon won a close 5 setter over Anthony White. Oleg Biletsky had a very easy win over Dave Gibbons. Pat McCloghan had an impressive 3 sets win over Rita Kacsandi. John Bowe also had a straight sets victory over Dermot Tierney. The returning Daryl Strong won a close 3 sets match against Oksana. Tibor met a familiar opponent in Mark McAlister and Tibor won in 4 sets. In the Qtr’s Eduardo beat Phil 3:0. Oleg beat Susan in 3 sets. Pat beat John in a close 4 sets. Daryl had a tight 5 sets win over Tibor. In the semi’s Oleg had an easy 3 sets win over Eduardo. In the other semi final Daryl won in 3 sets over Pat. The final was a very closely fought match that went the full distance with Oleg winning 11:9 in the 5th. 

Mens 50’s 

The qty’s saw Tibor winning in a tight 3 set match with Des Flanagan. Daryl playing in his first 50’s competition, beat Philip Shaw in an easy 3 sets. Mark McAlister beat Dave Gibbons in a close 4 sets. Pat yet again met Sean McAnaney and again it went the full distance with Pat being the victor. In the semi final Daryl beat Tibor in straight sets. In the other semi final Pat beat Mark in a close 4 sets. Daryl proved too strong ( no pun intended) for Pat in the final and won in straight sets. 

Mens 60’s 

Sean McAnaney yet again met Norman Nabney and Sean won in 4 sets. Tommy Fitzgerald after an epic 5 sets win over Brian Finn in the last 16’s continued his good form to beat Des Flanagan in the qtr’s. Dave Pender beat Paul Norgrove in 4 sets. Philip Shaw beat rival Dave Pemberton in 4 sets. 

In the semi’s Sean beat Tommy in 4 sets and it was the same result in the other semi final with Philip beating Dave. The final was a straight forward match with Sean winning in 3 sets over Philip. 

Mens 70’s 

In the qrt’s top seed Brian Finn won in 4 sets over Jim Storey. Ken Peare had a straight sets win over Liam Perris. Jeremy Lappin won a closely fought 3 sets match against Norman Nabney. Tommy Caffrey proved too tough for Shay O’Reilly over 3 sets. In the semi’s Brian beat Ken 3:0. Tommy beat Jeremy in 3 sets. Yet again Brian met Tommy and as usual it went the full 5 sets but on this occasion Tommy won in the 5th. 


The ladies competition was split over 2 groups. There were a number of closely fought matches involving Renata, Ruth,  Geraldine, Ikuko, Paula. In the first semi final Rita had a 3:1 victory over Susan. In the other semi final Oksana had a comfortable 3 set win over Anne Marie. In the final Rita was back playing at a high level and beat Oksana in straight sets. 

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Ulster’s Masters Tournament – 11th of March

The Irish Veterans Table Tennis Society’s Ulster Masters Tournament is taking place on Saturday, 11th March 2023, in St. Annes TTC, St. Annes Church of Ireland 7 Church Street, Dungannon, Co.Tyrone BT71 6AB

Event Timetable
● Over 40’s singles Commence 10:30
● Over 50’s singles Commence 14:00
● Over 60’s singles Commence 10:00
● Over 70’s singles Commence 15:30
● Ladies singles Commence 13:30

Competition entry fees are €12/£10 per event.

Participants can register by email or text no later than Wednesday 1st March.

Email: Susan Irwin [email protected] Text: 00 44 7763827097

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: Wednesday 1st of March,2023

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Veterans Munster Open Report & Results (January 2023)


The ladies competition had 10 entrants split into 2 groups and produced some high quality matches. Susan beat Sharon in a very close 5 sets. And Paula produced a good performance against Rita. In the semi final Rita proved too strong for Ikuko and won in straight sets. In the other semi final Anne-Marie yet again met Susan. On this occasion Susan proved the stronger to win in 3 sets. In the final Rita, back to some of her best form, beat Susan in 3 sets.

Mens 70’s

The competition was very open as both Brian Finn and Norman Nabney were absent. In the qtr’s, Jim Storey gained some revenge over Jack O’Meara and won in a close 5 sets. Shea O’Reilly beat Tom Donnelly in another close 5 set encounter. In the semi’s Tommy Caffrey beat former clubmate Jim Storey in 3 sets. Shea continuing his good form, beat Ken Peare in a close 5 sets. Tommy proved to be the class of the competition to win in straight sets over Shea

Mens 60’s

In the round of 16’s Philip Shaw met Kieran Burke and Kieran won this encounter in 3 sets. Jeremy Lappin beat Fergal O’Hagan in  very close 5 sets. Branco won in 4 sets over Tommy Fitzgerald. In the battle of the defenders Sean McAnaney beat Tommy Caffrey in 4 hard fought sets. Dave Pender won in 3 over James Gillanders. Paul Norgrove beat Jack O’Meara in 3 sets. Terry Dolan won in 4 sets over Jim Storey. Des Flangan proved too strong for Shea O’Reilly. In the qtr’s Kieran beat Jeremy in straight sets. Dave beat Paul in 4 sets. Des had a 4 sets win over Terry. Sean won in 3 sets over Branco. In the semi’s Sean proved too strong for Kieran and won in straight sets. Des beat Dave in 4 sets to set up a final against Sean. Yet again Sean proved his will to win after yet again losing the first 2 sets to come back and win in 5 sets.

Mens 50’s

In the last 16’s Tibor beat Dave Gibbons in 3 sets. Dave Pemberton had a hard fought 5 set win over Des Flangan. Mark McAlister also had a 5 set win over Torsten Jentsch. Tommy Fitzgerald won in 3 sets over Lusci Alder. Pat McCloughan won a closely fought 3 setter over Kieran Burke. Branco beat Philip Shaw in 4 sets. Paul Gallagher had an easy 5 set win over Dave Pender. Sean McAnaney won in 3 sets over Fergal O’Hagan. In the qtr’s Tibor beat Dave Pemberton in 4 sets. Mark beat Tommy in straight sets. Pat won in straight sets over Branco. The match of the round saw Paul race into a 2 set lead over Sean but he fought back to win in 5 sets. Pat and Sean yet again had a very closely fought match but on this occasion Pat came out on Top. Tibor beat Mark in 3 sets to set up a final against Pat. Although all sets were close,Pat won in 4 sets.

Mens 40’s

In the round of 16’s Eduardo and Rita produced a high quality tightly fought match with Eduardo just coming out on top in the 5th. Rory scott proved too strong for Dermot Tierney. Dave Gibbons won in 5 sets over Arnaldo Donoso. Mark McAlister won in 3 sets over Adam Koscielski. Tibor beat Kusci in 4 sets. Paul Gallagher beat Susan Hanlon also in 4 sets. Rodney McKirgan won in straight sets over Peter Zagrapan. Pat beat David Noonan in 3 sets.in the qtr’s Eduardo yet again won in 5 close sets over Rory. Mark beat Dave in 3 sets. Tibor also won in 3 sets over Paul. Pat had a good 3 set victory over Rodney. In the semi final Eduardo won a close fought 3 sets match against Mark. On this occasion Tibor got the better of Pat to win in 3 sets. In the final Eduardo proved too strong for Tibor and won in 3 sets..

The results for the event are available below:

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Veterans Munster Open – 7th January

The Irish Veterans Table Tennis Society’s Munster Open is taking place on Saturday the 7th of January 2023 in Palmerstown Sports Complex, Oakcourt Avenue, Palmerstown, Dublin 20.

In order to compete in Munster Open all competitors must be current paid up members of both Table Tennis Ireland (https://tabletennisireland.ie/membership/) AND Ireland Vetts (see below for payment details)

Competition entry fees are €10 per event (max 2 events entry). Payment of entry to be paid to A/C below:

  • IBAN IE28AIBK93357066128010


Entries MUST be submitted via the link to new entry form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWApeCX5K7SjAFw8BJH-EnLghLmMiNdKjvxsjlAf4YCp8FRg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Deadline for Entries is Friday the 30th of December.

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Almost 50 players entered the event this year, with by far the largest number in the 50s. All the events were very closely contested, and even in the absence of a couple of likely seeds the standard of play was impressive.

The “blue riband” event, the 40s, saw the third seed Phil Wallace in the “group of death” – there always seems to be one! After losing 3-0 to Pat McCloughan he qualified for the knockout stage with a win over Paul Gallagher (both these players had beaten him in the previous tournament and briefly the organisers weren’t “fast Phil’s” favourite people!) He met perennial winner Daryl in the last 8, beat him 11-6 in the fifth, and then disposed of Rod McKirgan 3-1in the semi. In the bottom half Eduardo came through with 3-0 wins over Pat and Tibor. The final was nip and tuck, a classic, Eduardo’s Penhold grip and heavy spin were a complete contrast to Phil’s “see ball hit ball” style, though to be fair Phil interspersed his power shots with some deft touches. It was difficult to pick a winner as the tide ebbed and flowed, but eventually Phil was a worthy champion -5 5 -5 8 8.

The 50s had its share of titanic struggles and with an entry of 25 it looked as if we could be playing until Sunday morning – not recommended for a church hall! The quarter final match between Mark McAlister and Paul Gallagher was only 4 games, but there was never more than 2 points between them at the end of each game, and the third was 20-18, Mark eventually emerging victorious, only to lose to Tibor 3-0 in the semi. Tibor had beaten Philip Shaw 3-2 in a bruising encounter and said afterwards “How does he slap those balls from everywhere! It’s just not possible.” Pat made his way to the final with 3-0 victories over Fergal O’Hagan and Sean McAnaney. In a pulsating final Tibor won 3-2, recovering from a 2-1 deficit.

The 60s began at 9.30am, Norman started in his usual fashion with two 5-setters (lost deuce in 5th to Sean and beat Jeremy Lappin 9 in 5th) but had no answer in the semi to PhilipShaw 0-3. Dave Pender beat Sean 3-1 in the semi and then had a tremendous hard-fought win over Philip in 4 sets. His smile was as wide as the Lagan as he said he didn’t care about the prizemoney, this was only the second Masters event he had ever won (he still accepted the winner’s envelope!).

Brian Finn always looked like the 70s winner, dropping only 2 games in 5 controlled matches. In contrast Norman staggered through with 2 more 5-setters against Ken Peare and Albert Coulter, but after losing the first in the final Brian had too much consistency. At 12-12 in the 4th Brian hit a sumptuous backhand winner of which Norman would have been proud and closed out the match 3-1, emerging an emphatic winner. Brian has now won all three 70s events this season, a tremendous record.

The ladies’ event had 9 participants and played off in 2 groups. In group A Ger had an incredible struggle with Sharon Gibbons, dropping the first two games, winning the third 19-17, the fourth 13-11, and the fifth 11-5. Sharon in turn dropped the first and third to Renata Gadula before coming through 11-9 in the fifth. Annmarie won all her group matches 3-0, Paula O’Neill was made to fight hard for second place, being taken to 5 by Galway’s Teresa Egan (11-9) and by Ikuko Mototani (11-6). In the crossover semi-finals, Ger beat Paula 3-0, while Annmarie beat Sharon 3-1. Ger had an unusually comfortable win over Annmarie in the final 3-0.

The top table was manned very efficiently all day by Glenburn’s Herbie Ross and Neil Magrath, though it was noted that Neil skived off briefly with the pathetic excuse of going for his Covid booster.

As a club we appreciated the support given by the players and the fact that we were able to give Dave and Sharon Gibbons a break from their normal duties and concentrate on playing.


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2022 Glenburn Open – Results

A very exciting IVTTS event took place at the weekend – The Glenburn Open.

The results are available to download below:

Well done to all the players for competing and making the event a very entertaining one. A big thank you to the volunteers for helping run the event. A special mention to the Glenburn Club for running the event and making it a hugely successful event.

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Veteran’s Leinster Open Report 2022

The Veterans Leinster Open took place on the 15th of October in Palmerstown Sports Centre. A great event took place, with plenty of exciting table tennis!

Well done to all the players, coaches and officials for a very successful 2022 Veteran’s Leinster Open.

Report available below:


The ladies competition was divided into 2 groups. In Group A Oksana won all her matches in straight sets. Ger Green beat Sharon in a closely fought 4 sets.She also beat Renata in 4 sets. Sharon beat Renata and Chui Lin in straight sets. Renata beat Chui Lin in straight sets although set 3 was won in duece. Group B was closely fought. Rita had wins over Teresa, Renata and Ann-Marie in straight sets but against Susan it went to a 4th set. Susan won in straight sets against Renata and Teresa. Her match with Ann-Marie went the full distance with Susan winning set 5 in deuce. Teresa had a 3 sets win against Renata. In the semi final Oksana proved too strong for Susan and won in 3 sets. In the other semi final Rita was too strong for Ger and also won in 3 sets. In the final Rita and Oksana met for the second time on the day and this occasion Rita got the upper hand and won in a very close 5 sets. 

Mens 40’s 

In the round of 16 Pat McCloughan won in 3 sets over Phil Wallace. Oksana and Rita met again and Oksana proved the stronger and won in 5 sets. Robbie Gavin beat Dermot Tierney in 4 sets. Tibor also had a 4 sets win over Paul Gallagher. Eduardo beat Mark McAlister in 5 sets. In the Qtr’s Oleg beat Pat in straight sets. John Bowe had a hard fought 4 sets win over Oksana. Tibor proved too strong for Robbie. It was similar for Eduardo who beat Rory Scott in 3 sets. In the semi final Oleg again won in straight sets, this time against John Bowe. Eduardo won in a closely fought 3 sets over Tibor. Oleg beat Eduardo in 4 sets in the final. 

Mens 50’s 

In the round of 16 Dave Gibbons won in 3 sets over Gus Agnew. Philip Shaw beat Branko in 4 sets. Pat McCloughan won easily in 3 sets over Tommy Fitzgerald. Sean McAnaney also won easily over Yuri Pavlon. Mark McAlister won in 4 sets over Kieron Burke. Paul Gallagher also won in 4 over Jeremy Lappin. In the qtr’s Tibor beat Dave Gibbons in 4 sets. Pat beat Philip in 4 sets but sets 1 and 2 were very tight. Sean beat Mark in 4 close sets. Paul beat Des Flanagan in a close 5 sets in the battle of Donegal. In the semi final Tibor met Pat but Tibor proved the stronger to win in 4 sets. In yet another Donegal clash Sean beat Paul in a very tight 4 sets. This set up a rematch in the final between Tibor and Sean. On this occasion Tibor was too strong and won in 4 sets. 

Mens 60’s 

Kieron won in 4 sets over Brian Finn in the round of 16. Torsten had a closely fought 4 sets win over Brandan O’Fiach. Tommy Fitzgerald also won in 4 sets over Jeremy Lappin. Fergal O’Hagan beat Ken Peare in 4 sets. In the qtr’s Tommy Caffrey again met old rival Kieron Burke but on this occasion Kieron reversed the result of the last competition to win in 5 sets. Philip Shaw won in a very closely fought 5 sets over Torsten. Sean McAnaney beat Tommy Fitzgerald in 3 sets. Fergal caused a bit of an upset with his 5 sets victory over Terry Dolan. In the semi final Philip won easily in 3 sets over Kieron. Sean was too strong for Fergal and set up a final against Philip. Sean looked very much the winner and raced to a 2 sets lead but Philip fought back to gain a well earned win in 5 sets. 

Mens 70’s 

In the qtr’s top seed Brian Finn beat Albert Coulter in 3 sets. Shay O’Reilly proved too strong to win in 5 sets over David Jacobson. Jack O’Meara caused an upset with a deserved 4 sets win over Jim Storey. Tommy Caffrey won in straight sets over Norman Nabney. Brian continued his good form to win his semi final over Shay in 3 sets. Jack gave Tommy a fright but Tommy came out on top in 4 sets. 

Brian and Tommy met again in the final and similar to the last competition it went the full distance with Brian again proving the stronger to win a very tight 5 setter. 

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Glenburn Masters 12th November

The Irish Veterans Table Tennis Society’s Glenburn Masters Tournament is taking place on Saturday the 12th of November 2022 in GLENBURN TTC, Glensharragh Park, Belfast BT6 9PB

Event Timetable
● Over 40’s singles Commence 10:00
● Over 50’s singles Commence 14:00
● Over 60’s singles Commence 09:30
● Over 70’s singles Commence 15:30
● Ladies singles Commence 13:30

Competition entry fees are €12 per event. Payment of entry to be paid to A/C below:

  • Sterling to – AIB A/C 28386096, Sort Code 938270
  • Euro to- IBAN: IE28 AIBK 93357066 1280 10 (BIC: AIBKIE2D)

Participants can register by email or text no later than Saturday 5th November 2022.
Email: [email protected] Text: 00 44 7710185566