Vets Table Tennis Munster Masters Open 2024

The above competition will take place 6th January 2024 at Palmerstown Sports Centre.

See link below to competition entry.


The closing date for competition entry is 29th December 2023


In order to compete in Munster Masters Open tournament all competitors must be current paid up members of both Table Tennis Ireland ( see TTI web site for payment details) and also Ireland Vetts ( see below for payment details)

Competition entry fees are 10 euro per event ( max 2 events entry)

Payment of the affialiation fees( 15 euro) and competition entry to be paid to A/C below:

IBAN IE28AIBK93357066128010




Leinster Masters 11th November 2023 -Report

The Leinster Masters took place in Palmerstown with a good entry, a few players missing, some “newbys”, a fair share of shocks, and possibly our latest finish to date – big thanks to the understanding staff, and also to the injured Dave Pender who was invaluable at the top table, together with the usual volunteers Anne Marie, Ger, Dave, and Sharon.

The ladies’ event had 12 competitors, with 3 groups of 4, and 6 qualifying for the knockout stages. In the 2 quarter finals Oksana beat Sharon 4 9 8, while Anne Marie defeated Paula 7 8 5. Oksana progressed to the final with a win over top seed Susan 5 6 7, while Ger was victorious in 5 sets when she played Anne Marie for what must be the umpteenth time, scores were 7 -9 -8 0 8. Oksana won the final 3-0, though the third game was very close, scores were 8 2 10.

The 40s had an entry of 20, top seed Oleg was a very late withdrawal, while a phone-call elicited the news that Pat was delayed at a funeral. This left the event very open, and the first-time entry of Artur Lewanczuk added spice. Indeed he provided the first shock by beating favourite and multi-winner Daryl 11 6 -5 11 in the last 16, before bowing out to Phil Wallace 9 9 7. Near-devastation ensued in the quarters! The well-improved Dave Gibbons took out Mark McAlister -4 8 6 -7 10. Paul Gallagher had a deserved win over Tibor -3 7 9 5. Rod McKirgan worked hard to beat Susan 5 7 -9 11 having already defeated Oksana 9 -10 -6 5 9. The semis resulted in wins for Rod over Paul 7 8 9 and Phil over Dave 6 3 10.

In the final Phil continued on his imperious way, the first 2 games were tight, the scores were 9, 11, 4, so Phil won without dropping a game all day, his first Masters win since Glenburn 2022, while Rod was well satisfied with his first appearance in a 40s final.

There were 22 in the 50s, the numbers being depleted by 2nd seed Tibor pulling out after the 40s, too late for the draw to be changed, this unfortunately made the draw somewhat lopsided. Top seed Pat lost in the last 8 3-1 to Sean McAnaney, Rod won the local derby against Mark 6 6 9, Kieron Burke defeated the in-form “Paul from Donegal” (his email address!) 7 7 11, while Daryl had no bother dealing with Des 4 6 7. Daryl progressed to the final with a solid win over Sean 8 4 2, where he met Kieron who had a tight win over Rod -3 11 9 12. Kieron has had a strange season – winner of the 60s in the Classification followed by failure to get out of either of his groups at Glenburn, he did well to reach the final here but Daryl overpowered him 3 1 7, winning without dropping a game, and in the process moving from 14 to 2 in the rankings.

The 60s had the largest entry, 26, no late withdrawals and no no-shows, and proved as competitive as usual. Des, winner at Glenburn, proved irresistible as he beat Fergal O’Hagan 6 -11 4 9 in the last 8 and Kariem 9 9 -8 4 in the semi. In the other half Sean had an almighty scare before beating Jeremy Lappin 13 in the fifth, and then defeated Tommy Caffrey in another close encounter 8 -6 -7 12 5. In the semi he beat Kieron 10 1 9. In the battle of the travelling companions Des came out on top as he had at Glenburn -12 7 9 7.

The 70s, with an entry of 14, proved interesting but eventually predictable. Top seed Norman won his group, then played Brian for the fifth consecutive tournament – Brian having lost a group match to Albert Coulter. Tommy lost in his group to Jim Storey who was in fine form with his vicious left-handed forehands. Barry Dickson’s reward for winning his group ahead

of Jeremy was a last 8 encounter with Tommy, going down -5 -1 -6. Norman beat Brian 4 6 -7 5, while Jeremy eliminated Jim 10 9 6, and Albert put out Shay O’Reilly -7 6 7 6.

Norman just crawled past Jeremy after dropping the first 2 games and almost letting slip an 8-3 lead in the 5th, before winning -6 -9 9 4 9. Tommy dropped one game to Albert but won 7 1 -7 4. In the final Norman showed his consistency, maintaining his 100% record this season – 3 events, 3 finals, 3 defeats! Must do better. Tommy was a convincing winner 7 8 6 for his 2nd 70s win from 2 events played. One interesting and amusing footnote is that before the final started the umpire (new to these events) asked Tommy was he Tommy or Norman!

To conclude, I have mentioned non-arrivals and withdrawals. In the last 2 events we have players entering and not turning up, players not entering and turning up, and players withdrawing mid-tournament. This is unfair on the “top table”, draws have had to be re-done, seeds moved from one group to another, and groups becoming somewhat uneven. To do this at short notice – or at virtually no notice – puts totally unnecessary pressure on the organisers. It would be good if all players could be aware of their responsibilities. Sermon over!

And so, on to the Munster Masters on 6 January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.



Home Nations Veterans Championships Dublin 29th September – 1st October 2023

For the first time since 2013 the Championships returned to Ireland, the venue on this occasion was the magnificent National Indoor Arena, Blanchardstown. The event has grown considerably in size since inception in Scotland in 1997 when the only events were over-40s and it was known as the quadrangulars. Now we have 7 teams and 16 individual events, as well as consolation matches. As the home nation team Ireland were entitled to enter “B” teams and the thrill at this honour from some of the “lesser” players was heartwarming.


These started on Friday morning and continued over 7 gruelling sessions until lunchtime Saturday. There was a shock in the “blue riband” event, the men’s 40s, with the Ireland team winning gold. Daryl Strong led the team brilliantly, remaining undefeated in singles, and was excellently supported by Phil Wallace and Rory Scott. Rory won a crucial singles against England, while Phil partnered Daryl to win doubles against Scotland when the match was delicately poised at 1-1.

The equivalent ladies’ team of Rita Kacsandi, Susan Hanlon, and Paula O’Neill were not quite able to emulate their male counterparts, but finished a very good second with an excellent win over England B.

Moving on to the 50s, both the men’s and women’s teams finished third. The men’s team which consisted of  the following players; Tibor Pofok, Pat McCloughan, and Lucsi Adler, and they ran Scotland very close before losing 3-2, with both the doubles and Tibor’s first singles going to 5 games.

Team Ireland ladies, Ger Greene, Anne Marie Nugent, and Sharon Brien Gibbons, lost to two strong English teams but were victorious against the other nations, and Ger had a singles win against both English teams.

The 60s is a mixed event with a different format, and the Irish team of Sean McAnaney, Philip Shaw, Des Flanagan, and Ikuko McMahon excelled in coming second. Other than a comprehensive defeat by England, the only occasion where more than 1 match was dropped was a 5-2 victory against a very spirited B team of Terry Dolan, Tommy Fitzgerald, Dave Pender, and Teresa Egan.

The 70s team consisted of the following players; Tommy Caffrey, Shay O’Reilly, and Norman Nabney. They came third which basically was as expected, the crucial match was a 3-2 defeat against Wales. The final match against Guernsey was noteworthy as it was Tommy’s 100th veteran cap, to accompany his 151 senior caps – a genuine legend, and a record which will surely never be surpassed.

The 75s team also finished third. The team was Ken Peare, David Jacobsen, and Albert Coulter. The first match was a baptism of fire, a 4-1 win over Scotland, but all 5 matches went to 5 games. There were 7 deuces including a 17-15! As with the 70s, Wales was a tight 3-2 defeat.


After a short break the doubles was held on Saturday afternoon. The scratch pairing of Rod McKirgan and Robbie Gavin reached the 40s semi, as did Rory with his English partner Matt Spero. In the final Daryl and Phil found the English pairing of Jason Ramage and Andy Wilkinson too powerful.

No such worries for Rita and Susan in the 40s ladies. They won the event dropping just one game, to the other Irish pairing of Paula and Sharon.

The 50s men produced an Irish gold, an Irish silver, and a thrilling match in which Pat and Tibor beat Mark McAllister and Scot David Simpson, winning from a deficit of 7-9 in the 5th.

Ger and Anne Marie reached the semi of the 50s ladies.

Sean and Des lost in the 60s semi, while Ikuko and Teresa were third in the ladies’ round-robin.

Another gold came for Ireland in the men’s 70s. Tommy has always said he prefers to play with a left-hander – who can ever forget his fabulous partnership with Jim Langan? – and he and Jim Storey combined superbly to defeat the top Welsh pairing in the final.


Despite tired limbs – and possibly sore heads from Saturday night celebrations – this event was as competitive as the rest of the weekend had been.

Rory and Phil were team Irelands main competitors in the men’s 40s, they each fought through as far as the semi but were unable to progress further.

In the equivalent ladies’ event Rita also made it to the semi before succumbing.

The men’s 50s was one of the highlights and “might have been” for the Irish. Tibor made it as far as the semi. The final between Daryl and Jason Ramage was a classic. Despite losing a marathon first game 14-16, Daryl won the next two 11-8 11-3. In a match abounding with attack, counter-attack, and incredible retrieving, Jason won the fourth 11-5 and opened up a large lead in the fifth. When Daryl was 4-10 down it looked all over. Daryl took the next four points, an appreciative – and understandably partisan – crowd held their breaths, wondered, but Jason just got over the line.

Anne Marie did well to reach the semi of the 50s ladies.

Sean had been Ireland’s most successful player in the 60s team event and he carried his good play through to the individual competition. He survived a gruelling 5-game last 8 encounter before losing his semi-final in 4 games.

Similarly Ger came through to the ladies’ semi before losing in 4 close games.

On to the 70s men and Norman survived a tough group match with Jim Storey and then reached the semi, where he exited in 3 games.

And so to the 75s. Local hopes rested with Tommy, and he didn’t let team Ireland down. He went through to the final, but lost in 5 games to Stewart Seaholme who played a patient controlled game throughout, only attacking when he was sure of a winner or had an obvious advantage.


This is sometimes derided – Albert Coulter described it as an event to find “the best of the worst”, but that is a little unfair and these matches are always fiercely contested. There were 4 Irish medals won, winners were Susan in the ladies’ 40s, Mark McAlister in men’s 50s, and the aforementioned Albert in the men’s 75s – despite his dismissal of the importance he wore his medal with pride! Gus Agnew was runner-up in the men’s 50s


Most of teams gathered in the Crowne Plaza on Saturday night – there had been almost 120 players and a large number of officials, and it was great to unwind with friends old and new, opponents, and team-mates. After the excellent meal and presentation of trophies, the Irish began a singing session – and why not? Kathleen Copeland started us off beautifully, and then Gus Agnew led us in several – mainly Irish – classics. It was hard to believe that we still had the singles to follow on Sunday.


This event could not have happened without all the volunteers and helpers who undoubtedly went over and above what could have been expected of them. It is always dangerous to name names as someone may be left out, but we were supported by umpires, “top table” people, referees, bag-packers – I believe that several hours were spent gathering together the contents of the goodie bags given to all players, and those who were simply on the spot ready to assist in any way when called upon. From a player’s perspective the organisation was second to none and many of us have expressed our gratitude to those who ensured that the competition ran smoothly.

So over to you Guernsey September 2024.



Home Nations Vets Championships 2023

On 29th of September Ireland will host the 2023 Home Nations Vets Championships. 81 players from England, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, Isle of Man will compete with 39 players from Ireland over 3 days for team and individual honors.

Men and women will compete various age categories: Over 40s, Over 50s, Over 60s, Over 70s and Over 75s. Ladies and Men’s teams will compete at Over 40s and Over 50s categories and mixed teams will compete at Over 60s, Over 70s and Over 75s events.

The Irish team will be made up of 8  women and 31 men, with many players expected to do well. A wide variety of styles will be on display, with many strong competitors traveling to compete. Tight matches can be expected especially in team matches on Saturday morning and singles matches on Sunday Morning from 10am.

The championships will take place in the National Indoor Arena, Sport Ireland Campus, Blanchardstown ( D15 EPN4), with play beginning at 9.30 on Friday 29th. Spectators will be welcomed to the event free of charge and all are encouraged to come and support our Irish Vets team!


Ulster Masters 2023/24

A comprehensive series of events has been arranged within Ulster for both 40s and 60s, and
ranking lists in each category will be produced after each event. The final ranking positions
will be taken from the best 7 of the 10 tournaments plus points gained in the 40s and 60s
categories in the 2 Irish Masters events held in Ulster, the Glenburn and the St. Anne’s Ulster

Ranking points will be awarded to Ulster players participating in each of these 12 events on
the following basis (non-Ulster players will be excluded from points) –
Winner 150
Runner-up 100
Semi 75
Quarters 50
Last 16 25
Last 32 10
Last 64 5

Rankings will be updated after each event by Norman McBride, and all organisers are asked
to email Norman at [email protected] with full results urgently.

The overall winner in each category will receive a perpetual trophy to be retained for one
year, the winners and runners-up will receive a memento.

The Ulster Closed 40s winner will also receive the Frank Spalding Memorial Trophy.

The Interpro Teams will be selected shortly after the Ulster Closed, which will be the last
event to count for selection. It is intended that 4 men and 2 ladies will be selected, subject to
participation in relation to ladies. The selectors are Norman Nabney and Norman McBride.

Selection criteria –
2 men will be selected from 40s rankings, the number 1 in the Ulster 40s rankings and the
Ulster player highest in the Irish 40s rankings. If the same player qualifies from both ranking
lists, the number 2 in the Ulster 40s rankings will gain the second automatic place
The selectors will then pick 2 wild cards. The criteria to be considered for these selections
will include Irish and Ulster rankings, results this season against likely Interpro opponents
(particularly those from Leinster), previous performances in Interpros and tournaments, and
events missed primarily through illness or injury.

For the ladies we have a very small pool, and we will select according to tournament results
and availability.


Veterans Classification Results 2023

The 2023 Masters Classification took place in Palmerstown on Saturday 19th of August. Well done to everyone on a fantastic event.

The top 5 competitors for each category is was as follows:


1- Oksana Pavlova

2- Susan Hanlon

3-Geraldine Greene, Teresa Devaney

5- Anne Marie Nugent, Renata Gadula & Audrey Cowan

Mens 40s:

1- Oley Biletskiy

2- Daryl Strong

3- Tibor Pofók, Philip Wallace

5- Rory Scott, Pat McCloughan, Mark McAlister & Rodney McKirgan

Mens 50s:

1- Tibor Pofók

2- Pat McCloughan

3- Daryl Strong, Mark McAlister

5- Sean McAnaney, Dave Gibbons, Philip Shaw & Rodey McKirgan

Mens 60s:

1- Kieran Burke

2- Terry Dolan

3- Sean McAnaney, Kariem Sabir

5- Philip Shaw, Des Flanagan, Tommy Caffrey & Dave Pemberton

Mens 70s:

1- Tommy Caffrey

2- Norman Nabney

3- Brian Finn, Jeremy Lappin

5- Ken Peare, Albert Coulter, David Jacobson & Barry Dickson

Well done to all those who competed, for a full list of results https://tabletennisireland.ie/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Masters-Classification-Results-24.1-BF.xlsx



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The last – and most prestigious – event of a season which started last August was held in Palmerstown on 22nd April, and as always it was very well supported. Finishing time was almost 11pm, but all the events were played to a conclusion.


Daryl was favourite for the 40s but had a low seeding position due to earlier injury and illness. He had probably the hardest possible draw but duly made his way to the final with wins over Rita Kacsandi (in his group), second seed Phil (who had lost to Marcus in his group), Rory in a tough 5 setter, and top seed Tibor 3-0 (12-10, 11-3, 11-8). In the bottom half Rita prospered, taking out Pat, Paul Gallagher, and then Marcus in 5 sets (15-13, 7-11, 4-11, 11-9, 11-4).

The final was a classic. Daryl won 11-9, 11-7, 10-12, 11-6, after Rita had saved match points in the third. Both players attacked and counter-attacked with style and quality, Rita’s punched backhands and difficult serves were a constant threat, but Daryl was a worthy, though tired, winner of his sixth Irish 40s title.

There was only likely to be one winner of the Ladies’ event. Rita, proficient as ever, won her group without dropping a game, with Anne Marie runner-up. Ikuko was third and Renata Gadula fourth. In the other group Susan beat Ger 11-8, 11-6, 11-5, to win the group, with Sharon third and Joanna Zeweld was fourth.

In the crossover semi-final matches, Rita dropped a game to Ger, winning 9-11, 11-5, 11-6, 11-7, and Anne Marie overcame Susan 11-9, 11-6, 11-9. Rita was ruthless in the final, beating Anne Marie 11-6, 11-7, 11-6.


The 50s, which was the last event of the day, produced surprises, shocks, and fireworks. In the pick of the last 16 matches, Rod McKirgan beat Philip Shaw deuce in the fifth (11-7, 8-11, 11-2, 10-12, 12-10), Paul Gallagher beat Mark McAllister 11-9, 11-6, 11-7, Des Flanagan had a titanic struggle to beat Tommy Fitzgerald 3-11,11-6, 16-18, 11-9, 12-10, and Sean McAnaney was taken to a close fifth by Dave Pemberton,11-9, 11-4, 9-11, 9-11, 11-7.

There were no shocks in the quarters as Tibor beat Des, Sean beat Paul, Daryl beat Dave Gibbons, and Pat McCloughan beat Rod, with only Pat dropping a game. In the semis Daryl overpowered Pat while Sean was leading 2-1 when Tibor conceded.

Daryl was a heavy favourite to win the final, his twelfth match of the day – Sean was also in his second final – but Sean had a straightforward game-plan. Defend for his life, and if he had an opportunity play an occasional aggressive shot. The redoubtable Derry player has improved immeasurably since our sport recommenced after the enforced covid break. Last year he won the National 60s, this year it was the 50s. It was a hard-fought 3-1 victory, crucially he won the third with an uncharacteristic forehand winner; he then recovered in the fourth from a 2-6 deficit to lead 10-6 and was able to close it out for an unexpected but popular win – a fitting end to the last match of our season.


The 60s is becoming more competitive each season, and there are now several potential winners, with no-one standing out as clear favourite. It was great to see former Irish international Jimmy Robinson taking time out from conquering the ice-cream world and we hope that his comeback will continue next season.

Highlights in the early knockout stages included Tommy Fitzgerald beating Dave Pemberton 3-0, Terry Dolan worked hard to beat Connacht team-mate Kariem 3-1, Des Flanagan coming from behind to beat Fergal O’Hagan 11-8 in the fifth, and Jeremy Lappin beating Keld Jaksland 3-1. Most of the last 8 matches were relatively straightforward, with the semi-finals resulting in Sean beating Terry 7-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-7, and Des overcoming Philip 11-5, 4-11, 11-7, 11-6.

So the stage was set for a final with more than a title at stake. This was the fifth time in 3 tournaments that Sean and Des, travelling companions and team-mates in the Omagh club, had met, and while Sean was already confirmed as Irish no.1, Des needed to win to secure his place on the Irish team. He did so in fine style, 11-4, 12-10, 4-11, 11-4.

And so to the 70s, keenly contested as always, except for those who had the misfortune to run into Tommy Caffrey, who sailed into the final without being troubled by Ken Peare or Albert Coulter, runner-up last year. Title-holder Norman had a nightmare in his group, losing 3-1 to Albert. In the three games Albert won, he dropped only six points in total! Norman was then pitted against perennial rival Brian Finn, just emerging the winner 11-9 in the fifth – about an average score when those two meet. Norman beat Jeremy Lappin 3-0 in the semi, but in doing so by common consent he used up an entire season of nets and edges! The first game in the final was close 11-9, but once Tommy had that one under his belt he won the next 2 11-6, 11-5.

It has been great to note the increase in numbers this season. Given that the Nationals is an event restricted to players who are qualified to represent Ireland, there is a slight drop in the number of competitors, but the figures stack up well – 40s 24, 50s 27, 60s 25, 70s 13, Ladies 12.

Finally, sympathy for the organisers who have to deal with ever-increasing pressure to finish at a reasonable hour. A big thank you to these organisers, particularly Dave and Sharon Gibbons, and Dave Pender. The assistance from Ger, Anne Marie and Jim was invaluable. The contribution by Viv and Teresa at the top table is greatly appreciated. It was also good to see TT Ireland President Tony Martin paying us a visit and presenting some of the awards.

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2023 Master’s Ulster Open Report & Results

The Vet’s hosted a very successful Veterans Tournament on Saturday the 11th of March in Dungannon. St. Anne’s (Dungannon) was a very successful venue for the latest in the Irish Masters events, with competitors travelling from all 4 provinces. With the advantage of a relatively early start and the use of 12 tables, play concluded by 7.30pm. Consolation singles and playoff matches were also played, which gave competitors additional games.

The morning started with the 40s, where there were few surprises. Kudos to Rory who had flown in from GB, to be told that his hire car was not available, so he travelled from Aldergrove by taxi. His reward was a quarter-final win over Phil 3-0 but was then blitzed by the invincible Ukrainian Oleg whose path to the final was untroubled. In the bottom half Mervyn Taylor made it through to the last 8, losing 3-1 to 2nd seed Tibor. Daryl, in an unaccustomed low seeding position after illness, beat Pat 3-0 to reach the semi, where he and Tibor played the match of the day. Daryl lost the 1st and 3rd games, the 5th was neck and neck, and eventually Daryl won it 12-10. So often Daryl finds a way to win the tight matches. This was a great advertisement for Masters table tennis. Oleg then beat Daryl 11-8, 11-8, 5-11, 12-10. Everything Daryl threw at him Oleg returned, frequently from back at the barrier, and often with his very powerful backhand. Daryl had a chance to take it to a 5th but in the end Oleg was just too ‘strong’(sorry!).

Daryl was favourite in the 50s, though having only qualified for that age-group in January he was unseeded. Top seed was Tibor, and the shock of the day was when he lost in the last 16 to Craigavon’s vastly improved Fergal O’Hagan in 4 games. Dave Gibbons then disposed of Fergal 3-1 but lost in the semi 3-0 to Daryl. 2nd seed was Pat McCloughan who duly reached the semi with a 3-1 win over Des Flanagan. Meanwhile local hero Rod McKirgan battled through to the semi with a last 16 win over Sean McAnaney 3-2 and a 3-0 victory over Mark McAlister. Rod excelled himself by reaching the final with a 1st ever win over Pat 11-7, 6-11, 11-7, 11-9. Daryl won his 2nd consecutive 50s with a hard-fought victory though he did drop the 1st game, scores were 9-11, 11-5, 11-6, 11-3.

We then moved to the 60s which was always going to be a very open event. The 2 finalists from the Connacht event, Des and Sean, were drawn in the same group as amazingly they had been at Connacht! Sean was top seed, Des beat him in the group and then progressed to the final with a semi win over Dave Pender 11-8, 9-11, 11-5, 6-11, 11-4. The top 2 seeds were now in the bottom half, Sean had a surprisingly straightforward last 8 victory over Philip Shaw 11-7, 11-4, 11-8. Jeremy Lappin reached the semi with a nail-biting win over Fergal 11-8, 7-11, 11-9, 6-11, 12-10. Sean beat Jeremy 3-1 and met Des for the 4th time in 2 tournaments. Des reversed the Connacht final result, winning 10-12, 11-9, 11-4, 11-4, this was Des’ 1st Irish event 60s title.

The last men’s event was the 70s. Brian Finn moved steadily in to the final. Tom Donnelly – great to see him back – gave him some trouble before succumbing 9-11, 11-9, 12-10, 11-6. The 3rd game was crucial when Tom was unable to close out a 10-8 lead. Barry Dickson had a very tight 3-2 win over Albert Coulter before losing in the semi to Brian 11-5, 11-9, 11-9. By contrast Norman Nabney lived dangerously all day! He got crunched 3-0 by Barry in his first group match, then beat Liam Perris 3-2, dropped the first game to Jeremy, and in the semi gave away 5 match points to David Jacobson at 2-1 and 10-5, before again winning 3-2. And so to Brian v Norman – friends and practice partners but both determined to win. Brian took the first 2 games at deuce, Norman made a Houdini recovery to win the next 3, scores were 14-16, 11-13, 11-7, 11-6, 11-7. Still friends!

The ladies’ event was hard-fought as usual, though none of the matches went to 5 games. In the battle for 3rd and 4th place Paula beat Sharon. The sole Ulster representative Ruth McGilligan competed with spirit, Galway’s Teresa finished 5th just above Renata, but the highlight was the final match for 1st and 2nd place between Ger and Anne-Marie, with Ger coming out on top 11-9, 10-12, 11-9, 14-12. A fine match, with a difference of only 2 points in each game.

And finally, many thanks are due to the host club, the first time they have held an Irish Masters event. Adrian Brown refereed excellently, helped by Jay McAllister and tournament co-ordinator Susan Irwin. Here’s to 2024!

Tournament results can be downloaded below: