You asked, We answered – GoMembership Changes!

Over the past few months in the trialing of our new Membership platform, there have been some issues & over time we have now addressed these. Below is a list of some of the issues that have been raised and dealt with over the past few months. 

Resolved Issues:

Euro/Pound Sterling Payments – Previously all transactions on GoMembership were € Euro transactions regardless of your home address. Now GoMembership will automatically detect your preferred payment option based on your address. If you have selected your country as United Kingdom, payments will automatically translate to a £ Pounds sterling payment as no additional cost to the member. If you have selected your country as Ireland, your payments will remain in € Euro. Should you wish to change this, you can select your preferred currency within the settings of your profile. 

Upgrading Profiles – Players who had previously registered with Table Tennis Ireland on a lower level affiliation were unable to upgrade to a higher level license via GoMembership. This facility has now been created for our members and someone who purchases a lower level license such as ‘League Player Only’ can now upgrade their license to ‘Senior Player’ and just pay the difference remaining rather than purchase the higher license on top of the previous license. 

Group Entries – Previously, clubs entering tournaments were unable to add multiple entries to their purchase basket and had to enter each player individually. Now, this issue has been resolved and nominated club admins can now block enter their players in multiple events in an individual tournament. In order for clubs to do this, it is essential that players have become a member of this club on the GoMembership system. 

Multiple Club Memberships – In some cases clubs will be purchasing licenses for all of their players in one group transaction and before this wasn’t workable via GoMembership. It is now possible for the nominated club admins to Block Purchase or renew Licenses for these players in one transaction creating an easy process for Club players licenses to be purchased or renewed. Clubs regestiring for the first time can also drag and drop an excel file of their members in order to create a faster process of profile creation rather than creating each profile individually. 

Outstanding Issues:

Tournament Discounts – TTI are aware that some people were unable to avail of tournament discounts for multiple event entries via GoMembership. This is currently being addressed by GoMembership and we will endeavour to update you in the near future with a resolution. 

Family Entries – Unfortunately GoMembership is currently unable to facilitate families entering multiple children into one event. If families wish to do this they must enter each child individually through the childs profiles however, a work around of this is to enter via the families club. Parents can become club admins and enter their children in a block purchase this way. 

The GoMembership platform has also seen the introduction of our brand new Club Finder for all Table Tennis Member clubs which if you haven’t seen yet can be found HERE

If you have any outstanding issues or thoughts on the GoMembership systems improvement please do not hesitate to email us on [email protected]