New Table Tennis App – TTFit

Table Tennis Ireland member Keith Knox has designed and launched a groundbreaking new app for the Table Tennis community! Read below a description of the app and what it can do. 

TTFit is the most effective Table Tennis Training program, adapted to your ability, level of fitness and your goals. Do you want to become the next top player? or begin learning from a reliable coaching source? This app is your answer, and you will be progressing in no time. 

TTFit has been developed by leading qualified coaches alongside top World Ranked players demoing the exercises including Bai He, previous top WR50 player and current Slovakian National Champion. TTFit consists of 70+ Table Tennis specific exercises, all beautifully presented with ultra-slow motion videos detailed with descriptions and captions. 

These state of the art video tutorials include Table Tennis exercises, tailor-made in-hall fitness exercises and workouts to better improve your game. Our leading coaches and development team have formed over 40 pre-made training sessions all with the end goal of improvement in mind. These sessions focus on the various aspects of your game, including but not limited to; Service, Receive, Third Ball, Flicking, Reactions, Control, Forehand, Backhand, Touch and Push. 

With this app we are sure it will add benefit to you as a player, coach or sparring partner. TTFit enables the coach/player to mix and match different exercises to allow for custom made sessions. With this feature you will be able to pre plan your training session and carry out a more organised training program. 

TTFit has created its own community for table tennis players and coaches to share ideas exercises and much more. Similar to that of other Social Media Platforms you will be able to follow, unfollow friends and coaching professionals, share images & much more. It’s our hope that this may be used to sell equipment, get coaching tips and more. 

Your one stop coaching solution developed and brought to you by top Table Tennis coaches and players.

The app is currently only available on iPhone however, Keith does hope to realease an android compatible version in 2018! 

A fantastic effort from you Keith and we at Table Tennis Ireland congratulate you on this great initiative and wish you all the best of success with it!