Ulster Masters 2023/24

A comprehensive series of events has been arranged within Ulster for both 40s and 60s, and
ranking lists in each category will be produced after each event. The final ranking positions
will be taken from the best 7 of the 10 tournaments plus points gained in the 40s and 60s
categories in the 2 Irish Masters events held in Ulster, the Glenburn and the St. Anne’s Ulster

Ranking points will be awarded to Ulster players participating in each of these 12 events on
the following basis (non-Ulster players will be excluded from points) –
Winner 150
Runner-up 100
Semi 75
Quarters 50
Last 16 25
Last 32 10
Last 64 5

Rankings will be updated after each event by Norman McBride, and all organisers are asked
to email Norman at [email protected] with full results urgently.

The overall winner in each category will receive a perpetual trophy to be retained for one
year, the winners and runners-up will receive a memento.

The Ulster Closed 40s winner will also receive the Frank Spalding Memorial Trophy.

The Interpro Teams will be selected shortly after the Ulster Closed, which will be the last
event to count for selection. It is intended that 4 men and 2 ladies will be selected, subject to
participation in relation to ladies. The selectors are Norman Nabney and Norman McBride.

Selection criteria –
2 men will be selected from 40s rankings, the number 1 in the Ulster 40s rankings and the
Ulster player highest in the Irish 40s rankings. If the same player qualifies from both ranking
lists, the number 2 in the Ulster 40s rankings will gain the second automatic place
The selectors will then pick 2 wild cards. The criteria to be considered for these selections
will include Irish and Ulster rankings, results this season against likely Interpro opponents
(particularly those from Leinster), previous performances in Interpros and tournaments, and
events missed primarily through illness or injury.

For the ladies we have a very small pool, and we will select according to tournament results
and availability.