Ulster Junior Open – Results

Ryan McConkey U12 Winner

The 2010 Ulster Junior Open was held over the 13th and 14th November at Shankhill Leisure Centre, Belfast. In form junior International Ashley Robinson claimed the Junior title with victory over Eastpoint’s Ryan Farrell. Farrell was runner-up on the double as he faced Senior Schools International Champion Shi Zhao Li in the Cadet Final, with Li’s Donic clubmate Conor Mullally claiming 3rd place. Home player Ryan McConkey claimed the Under 12 title in some style, continuing his excellent season to date.

Ulster dominated the Girls’ events, with Ashley Givan imperious again in the Junior Girls, beating Deirdre Murphy in the Final. Hannah-Lynch Dawson claimed the cadet title, defeating provincial team-mate Emma Ludlow in the Final. Rebecca Finn secured a clean-sweep of the ranking events for the Ulster girls with a hard earned victory over Connacht’s Orla Timlin.

Full results here

Main Results

1. A Robinson; 2. R Farrell; 3. D O’Brien; Plate. M Lagan

1. S Zhao Li; 2. R Farrell; 3. C Mullally; Plate. C Kelly

U 12
1. R Mc Conkey; 2. G O’Donoghue; 3. Z Wilson; Plate. E McGovern

U 10
1. J Kelly; 2. E Ditchburn; 3. E Duffy

1. A Givan; 2. D Murphy; 3. E O’Reilly; Plate. E Ludlow

1. H Lynch-Dawson; 2. E Ludlow; 3. K McGlone; Plate. E McGlone

U 12
1. R Finn; 2. O Timlin; 3. V Tuotkalyk; Plate. N Molloy

U 10

1Marie Williams
2Leah Shekleton
3Nadia Krawczun

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