In recognition of a few selectors concerns over the summer about being able to field a team I have tinkered slightly with eligibility criteria to make things a little easier. Better half a cake than no cake at all, so to say. So two Counties, as a last resort, can combine forces to have a team entered. An over 60s player can enter the over 40s but not vice versa, obviously. Any age of person can be fielded in the Ladies and Senior sections – these are like an open section.. And a man or a women is equally eligible to play in each section. Only a women can play in the ladies section though – well we have to draw a line somewhere!

Ideally I would like either 12 teams or be really ambitious with 16 which means a few counties could have a B or indeed C team.

Give me an idea re how many teams you can field so that I can decide on best format for potential entry size. Joe Colvin your a star with Armagh already having an A and B team entered.

In the future it may be better to be more rigid re rules but hopefully this flexibility will help get the event restarted. It is a fun event fore and foremost – with a little County competitive edge!!

Yours in sport,

Norman McBride

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