TTI BOARD BLOG – by Alan Strong

Courageous – a word frequently used about spirited and successful Sportspeople, and it should be no different for ambitious and brave Table Tennis Players; our sport can be a lonely place as players compete in singles or doubles, needing to rely on their own initiative, tactics and mental strength in the midst of vital matches – Surely Courage comes from inner-belief, mental toughness and ‘experience of being there before’? This Courage will only mature when coaches back off, give simple advice and allow the player to test out how they handle those tense courage-needing moments!

Champions – but not as you expected! TTI needs many champions to promote and develop Table Tennis at all levels; these champions are needed by and from the ‘obvious suspects’ such as Coaches, Volunteers, and Club Administrators & Organisers. We also need Champions at national level to lead from the front with a ‘Strategic Hat on’ – advocating all that is good about TT to a range of senior Figures – Champions to promote through the spoken and written media and, most of all, take ownership and show leadership. Watch out on the TTI Website for that ‘call for Leaders’ as hinted at in the 3 B’s Blog – you can be champion!

Copy – to imitate another Person is to learn more, both good and bad. ‘(s)he who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning’ (Danish Proverb) – your TT Game, Style, Goals, Ambitions are a collection of what you have seen, who you have copied and how much you have learned …. for every day is a learning day. Be smart and choose who to learn from, take time to watch Videos, YouTube, Read Bios of Great TT Players, Record from you mobile phone, Talk to the Champions and Select what is right for you!  “Have no fear of Perfection, you will never reach it!”

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