Table Tennis Ireland Organisational Management Restructure

The Challenge with the Current Structure

We know that we have a mix of volunteers’ skills available. We have table tennis expertise and we have business expertise, often volunteers have one or the other, not both. Also, some volunteers are attracted purely by the table tennis element of the sport and have little interest in the governance and business side. There are others who know that their best contribution would be in the area of Governance.

The current Board deals with Strategic, Governance, Operational and Table Tennis issues, amongst other things.There are monthly meetings by phone and in person. These meetings can have very long agendas and can run from 6.30pm to 11pm with a mix of issues being discussed. For some Board members, not all of the meeting seems relevant to their technical area. It is also difficult to focus on Governance when pressing and complex table tennis issues need to be addressed.

Some volunteers are discouraged from taking table tennis roles by governance responsibility.

There are improvements that can be made to the structure of the professional staff, but these are not the subject of this paper. Any changes to the office structure should be designed to work well with the new organisational structure discussed in this paper.

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