Senior Interprovincial Championships

Rushbrooke School, Cobh, Co. Cork hosted the 2016 Senior Interprovincial Championships this weekend.

Ulster, after their clean sweep in 2015, staved off a brave fight from Leinster to retain their title!

                                                       (Click to download Hi-Res image)

Summary of Results

Session One Results

Session Two Results

Session Three Results

There are lots of photos from the two days on the Munster web-site.

Under 21 Senior   Veterans 
1. Leinster1. Ulster1. Ulster
2. Ulster2. Leinster2. Leinster
3. Munster3. Munster3. Connacht
4. Connacht4. Munster

Joe, Tony (referee), Vivienne and Con who officiated at the Senior Inter-Provincials.

Representatives of the four Provinces addressed the diners in the Commodore Hotel.