Report on ITTA CLG AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Table Tennis Association CLG took place in the Conference Room of the Irish Sports HQ Saturday 11th June 2022 at 10.30am.  A good attendance of members attended in person and by proxy.   

Mr. Chris Kitchen,  Interim Chair, chaired the meeting and welcomed the directors, representatives of the four provinces, officers, members and staff. Apologies were announced by Director Kenneth Strong as follows from Tony Phillips, MBE, Alan Strong MBE, Mrs. Susan Irwin, Miss Anna Kelly, Gavin Maguire, Paul McCreery & Niall O’Flaherty. He also referred to apologies from Joe Veselsky, Alex Thackaberry and Joe Hickey.  

Before the meeting began Mr. Strong also announced the names of 7 members, who had died since the 2021 AGM as follows:  Ms. Christine Doyle, Mr. Hubert (Bertie) Levinge, Mrs. Mary Sheehan, Mr. Norman Sloan, Mr. John Bridgeman, Mr. Mark Melnychuk & Mr. Steven (Steve) Tracey.  A minute’s silence was observed in their memory.  

The Finance Director, Mrs. Kathy Endersen, presented her Finance Director’s Report, Financial Statements & Auditor’s Report for the year ended 31st of December 2021.  

Ms. Jennifer Monaghan, Company Secretary, referred to the increased focus in recent years on governance and compliance in accordance with the Governance Code for Sport.   

The Annual Report of the Board’s activities outlined the success in achieving increased funding from Sport Ireland through Dormant Account Funding (DAF), and the recent re-instatement of Women in Sport funding.  

Mr. John McKenna, General Manager and Chair of the Management Committee, presented an overview of the reports of each of the Managers within the Management Committee. This report covered the areas of Coaching, Communication, Para, Participation and Performance. Queries were received from members present on a number of matters. Where the information was not readily available the Board agreed to provide it as soon as possible. 

Strategic Plan 2022 – 2028: 

The Interim Chair, Chris Kitchen announced the publication of the new Strategic Plan. He highlighted a few areas of the Plan and took questions  

Election of Officers: The following officers were elected or re-elected:  

  • Chair:  No appointment                
    • Mr. Chris Kitchen to continue as Interim Chair until the 2023 AGM 
  • Finance Director: 
    • Mrs. Kathy Endersen   
  • Directors:                    
    • Mr. Rob Cowan 
    • Mr. Kenneth Strong 
    • Mrs. Ciara Joseph 
    • Mrs. Patricia Hunter 
    • Mr. Arnold Morgan 
  • Company Secretary:  
    • Ms. Jennifer Monaghan  


Vice Presidents:  Miss Anna Kelly, Mr. Pat O’Brien, Mr. Tony Phillips MBE, Mr. Ivan Shorten, Mr. Alan Strong MBE, Mr. Thomas Keenan.  

Disciplinary Committee: Miss Anna Kelly, Mr. Ken Nixon & Ms. Louise O’Loughlin  

Jury of Appeal: Mr. Keith McGarry, Mr. Chris Cowan & Ms. Triona Leahy  

It was reported that further volunteers were needed for the Disciplinary Committee and Jury of Appeal. Members were asked to email the General Manager or Mr. Kenneth Strong with nominations.  

Any Other Business: There being no other business the Interim Chair thanked all Board members for their commitment to the sport shown over the last 12 months. He also thanked all committee members for their hard work. Further volunteers were required to take forward the Association’s work programme. Mr. Kitchen thanked all staff for their hard work. 

He thanked Richard Butler for his work when Chair of the Management Committee and Joe Hickey while Board Chair. 

The AGM was then closed with best wishes for a safe journey home.