NI Commonwealth Update

Northern Ireland broke through into the top rankings of the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships in New Delhi, finishing in 8th place in the Men’s category. 
Singapore took gold in both men’s and women’s sections, but the Northern Ireland  quartet of Paul McCreery, Ashley Robinson, Keith Knox and Peter Graham, coached by Irish International and HP Coach John Murphy,  claimed their highest place and only lost 3-2 to Malaysia for 7th position.
McCreery was the best Northern Ireland player running off several quality performances with Robinson stepping up to the mark in the final encounter with a super victory over Dunley Foo the Malaysian No. 1.
England promised much in the Women’s category but went down to the Singaporeans in the final; Northern Ireland will regret not sending a Women’s side as its Na Liu would have undoubtedly made a big impact.
19th Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship (New Delhi, India) final places:
Men’s: 1. Singapore; 2. India; 3= England and Scotland; 5. Australia; 6. Wales; 7. Malaysia; 8. N Ireland; 9. Nigeria; 10. South Africa; 11. New Zealand; 12. Sri Lanka; 13. Canada; 14. Maldives
Women’s: 1. Singapore; 2. England; 3= India and Malaysia; 5. Australia; 6. Wales; 7. Scotland; 8. Sri Lanka; 9. Canada; 10. Nigeria; 11. South Africa; 12. New Zealand; 13. Maldives’