Munster Girls’ Success in Junior British League

Munster Girls’ Success in Junior British League

The Munster trio of Kerry O’Mahoney, Mair Kelly and Shelley Tobin, together with NPC Alan Hurley travelled to Lilleshall National Sports Centre. again this weekend (February 8th & 9th, 2014) to continue their involvement in Girls’ Division Three of the Junior British League.

They were in a commanding position after their excellent performance over the first weekend in October, but there was still work to do!

In October, they were 6-0 winners against Ulster B, but a stronger team from Ulster this time around meant a very tight match. Kerry’s two wins and one from Mair were enough for them to share the points, 3-3. The afternoon match against wales B saw the three Munster players undefeated. And a 5-1 win over Norton Draycott put the Munster girls in a good position at the end of the first day’s play.

Next up, Batts B – not to be taken lightly as this was a drawn match last time out. But all three of the girls performed superbly and won all their matches. So with one left to play, there was every chance of a good result!

They knew they could not afford to lose to Ashford Brunswick, but in October they had won this fixture comfortably. But things were not going to be so easy this time, and after Kerry lost in the fifth set in the first match, alarm bells started to ring faintly! Then Mair and Shelly were beaten too! So 3-0 down at the half-way mark: one more loss and they were consigned to runners-up spot! 

But they rallied well (no pun intended) and first Kerry, then Shelly and finally Mair won their second matches under pressure to halve this match and put the Munster Girls on top of Division Three! They will play in Division Two next season!

Kerry was the top player in the Division across the two weekends, winning 17 of her 20 matches! The others weren’t far behind, both finishing in the Top 7!

Well done to the players and NPC Alan Hurley! 

Meanwhile, in Division One of the Boys’ competition, Munster’s Alan Walsh was helping the Irish Boys to second place with team-mates Zak Wilson and Ryan Farrell.

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