Fermanagh Junior Open Results

Ryan McConkey in Action

The Stiga Fermanagh Junior Open was held at Fivemiletown College on Saturday the 31st of October. With 86 Players 138 entries and 228 matches a full days table tennis lay ahead.

In the under 10 Girls Leah Shekleton and Rebecca Finn had a thrilling Five Setter Final with Leah taken the first two 11-7 11-8 but Rebecca fought back strong and won the next two 11-6 11-9 in the fifth the girls played fantastic table tennis and were neck and neck until Leah won 12-10.

In a big entry of 17 entries in the under 10 boys there was many close games in this competition and in an all Mayo final Martin Williams beat Eddie Ditchburn 11-6 11-4 11-8.

In the Under 12 Girls, the first semi-final was Laura Finn and Orla Timlin, Orla took the first set 11-8 but Laura took the next set 12-10, Laura seemed to move up gear and won the next two sets 11-5 11-5. The second semi-final was Hannah Lynch Dawson versus Katie McGlone, Katie beat an in-form Hannah in a tight match 12-10 11-4 11-9. That left Laura and Katie to battle it out for 1st place. Katie took the first two 11-7 12-10 then Laura pushed back and took the next two sets 11-8 11-7. Katie took a close fifth set 11-9 to claim the prize.

In the Under 12 Boys, the first semi-final was Kevin Kenna versus Ryan McConkey, Ryan played two tremendous sets to win 11-7 11-9 but Kevin fought back and took the next 12-10 but Ryan took the fourth 11-3. On the other side Jonathan Porter played Eric Shekleton, Jonathan took it in three sets winning 11-7 11-7 11-7. Ryan and Jonathan played a tremendous nail biting final with Jonathan wining the first two 12-10 12-10 Ryan took the third set 12-10 but Jonathan pushed back and took the fourth 11-5.

In the Under 14 Girls, the first semi-final was Ashley Givan versus Sally McConkey and Ashley won 11-6 11-2 11-4. The other semi-final was a nail biting one with the second seed Annalise Walker playing the up and coming star Katie McGlone, Katie took the first two 11-2 11-7 but Annalise came back and took the third 11-6 then in a fourth that went to 20-18 Katie came out on top. In the final Ashley continued her dominance and took the final 11-2 11-2 11-9.

The biggest event of the day with 32 entries was the Under 14 boys; this competition was of an extremely high standard with many 5 setters and edge of the seat table tennis being played. In the first semi Jonathan Porter played Ryan McConkey yet another close match for the two with Jonathan taking the first two 11-9 11-7 but Ryan fought back strong and took the next two 11-9 11-9, Jonathan came back strong again and took the fifth 11-2. In the other semi-final Kieran Reilly played Conor Mullaly, Kieran played a brilliant match and won 11-5 11-3 11-9. That left Jonathan and Kieran to battle it out again after they had earlier meet in their group. Jonathan took the first 11-6 but Kieran wasn’t going to be beaten again and took the next three 11-6 12-10 11-7.

In the under 17 girls the first semi saw Ashley Givan and Lavina Maties play but Ashley took it 11-7 11-2 11-8. Roisin O’Reilly played Sarah Timlin in the other Semi and Roisin took it 11-6 11-9 11-9. The final was Ashley versus Roisin and Ashley continued her dominating of the girls titles taking the final 11-5 11-3 11-6.

In the Under 17 boys Stephen Slater played Kieran Reilly in the first semi-final, Stephen took it in three sets 11-6 11-4 11-7. The other side of the draw we saw a tight 5 setter with Danny Murphy and Richard Clarke, Richard took the first 12-10 but Danny took the next two 11-9 11-6, Richard wasn’t going to be beaten easily and took the fourth 11-8 then Danny step up to the fifth set and took it 11-4. The final was Stephen versus Danny and Stephen took the title in three sets winning 11-3 11-3 12-10.

 The Fermanagh Table Tennis Association would like to thank all who came and support this event, Fivemiletown College, the Tournament Committee, the National Umpires and Tournament Referee, Kitty’s Kitchen and our sponsors Tommy Fitzgerald Table Tennis Shop Stiga and SpeedyReg. They hope all players and spectators enjoyed the day. There was tremendous table tennis played in a junior tournament with thrilling matches played in all events.

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