Veterans Six Nations


The Ladies team of Teresa Devaney, Jenny Harrison and Helena Dennett produced an outstanding performance under trying circumstances to win Gold in the Over 50s at the Veterans Six Nations Tournament in Guernsey recently. While Teresa was fog-bound in Exeter, Jenny and Helena accounted for Guernsey and Isle of Man. Arriving shortly before the match, Teresa combined with Helena to beat Wales. Against England, the holders and favourites, Teresa struck a rich vein of form. Playing with confident authority, she produced some outstanding winners to win both of her singles against Jan Johns and Helen Shields. However, the crunch encounter was in the doubles. Despite a painful back, Jenny Harrison made a vital contribution supporting Teresa to clinch the breakthrough doubles win and the title, which the ladies had worked so hard for. “Jenny was brilliant at keeping me focussed throughout the doubles” commented Teresa.

The Over 60s team of Tommy Caffrey, Martin Pickles, Barry Dickson and Audrey Robinson won a very commendable Silver Medal. The Scottish challenge was definitely weakened by Geoff Salter’s absence, and our best wishes go to him during his illness.

Though the other teams did not enjoy medal success, all agreed that the experience gained was beneficial. We would like to thank STIGA for their support.

A convivial time was enjoyed by all, despite some hiccups caused by travel delays. The Guernsey Table Tennis Veterans are to be commended for the manner in which they coped with such unforeseen circumstances in running the tournament.