Veterans Munster Open Report & Results (January 2023)


The ladies competition had 10 entrants split into 2 groups and produced some high quality matches. Susan beat Sharon in a very close 5 sets. And Paula produced a good performance against Rita. In the semi final Rita proved too strong for Ikuko and won in straight sets. In the other semi final Anne-Marie yet again met Susan. On this occasion Susan proved the stronger to win in 3 sets. In the final Rita, back to some of her best form, beat Susan in 3 sets.

Mens 70’s

The competition was very open as both Brian Finn and Norman Nabney were absent. In the qtr’s, Jim Storey gained some revenge over Jack O’Meara and won in a close 5 sets. Shea O’Reilly beat Tom Donnelly in another close 5 set encounter. In the semi’s Tommy Caffrey beat former clubmate Jim Storey in 3 sets. Shea continuing his good form, beat Ken Peare in a close 5 sets. Tommy proved to be the class of the competition to win in straight sets over Shea

Mens 60’s

In the round of 16’s Philip Shaw met Kieran Burke and Kieran won this encounter in 3 sets. Jeremy Lappin beat Fergal O’Hagan in  very close 5 sets. Branco won in 4 sets over Tommy Fitzgerald. In the battle of the defenders Sean McAnaney beat Tommy Caffrey in 4 hard fought sets. Dave Pender won in 3 over James Gillanders. Paul Norgrove beat Jack O’Meara in 3 sets. Terry Dolan won in 4 sets over Jim Storey. Des Flangan proved too strong for Shea O’Reilly. In the qtr’s Kieran beat Jeremy in straight sets. Dave beat Paul in 4 sets. Des had a 4 sets win over Terry. Sean won in 3 sets over Branco. In the semi’s Sean proved too strong for Kieran and won in straight sets. Des beat Dave in 4 sets to set up a final against Sean. Yet again Sean proved his will to win after yet again losing the first 2 sets to come back and win in 5 sets.

Mens 50’s

In the last 16’s Tibor beat Dave Gibbons in 3 sets. Dave Pemberton had a hard fought 5 set win over Des Flangan. Mark McAlister also had a 5 set win over Torsten Jentsch. Tommy Fitzgerald won in 3 sets over Lusci Alder. Pat McCloughan won a closely fought 3 setter over Kieran Burke. Branco beat Philip Shaw in 4 sets. Paul Gallagher had an easy 5 set win over Dave Pender. Sean McAnaney won in 3 sets over Fergal O’Hagan. In the qtr’s Tibor beat Dave Pemberton in 4 sets. Mark beat Tommy in straight sets. Pat won in straight sets over Branco. The match of the round saw Paul race into a 2 set lead over Sean but he fought back to win in 5 sets. Pat and Sean yet again had a very closely fought match but on this occasion Pat came out on Top. Tibor beat Mark in 3 sets to set up a final against Pat. Although all sets were close,Pat won in 4 sets.

Mens 40’s

In the round of 16’s Eduardo and Rita produced a high quality tightly fought match with Eduardo just coming out on top in the 5th. Rory scott proved too strong for Dermot Tierney. Dave Gibbons won in 5 sets over Arnaldo Donoso. Mark McAlister won in 3 sets over Adam Koscielski. Tibor beat Kusci in 4 sets. Paul Gallagher beat Susan Hanlon also in 4 sets. Rodney McKirgan won in straight sets over Peter Zagrapan. Pat beat David Noonan in 3 the qtr’s Eduardo yet again won in 5 close sets over Rory. Mark beat Dave in 3 sets. Tibor also won in 3 sets over Paul. Pat had a good 3 set victory over Rodney. In the semi final Eduardo won a close fought 3 sets match against Mark. On this occasion Tibor got the better of Pat to win in 3 sets. In the final Eduardo proved too strong for Tibor and won in 3 sets..

The results for the event are available below: