Veteran’s Leinster Open Report 2022

The Veterans Leinster Open took place on the 15th of October in Palmerstown Sports Centre. A great event took place, with plenty of exciting table tennis!

Well done to all the players, coaches and officials for a very successful 2022 Veteran’s Leinster Open.

Report available below:


The ladies competition was divided into 2 groups. In Group A Oksana won all her matches in straight sets. Ger Green beat Sharon in a closely fought 4 sets.She also beat Renata in 4 sets. Sharon beat Renata and Chui Lin in straight sets. Renata beat Chui Lin in straight sets although set 3 was won in duece. Group B was closely fought. Rita had wins over Teresa, Renata and Ann-Marie in straight sets but against Susan it went to a 4th set. Susan won in straight sets against Renata and Teresa. Her match with Ann-Marie went the full distance with Susan winning set 5 in deuce. Teresa had a 3 sets win against Renata. In the semi final Oksana proved too strong for Susan and won in 3 sets. In the other semi final Rita was too strong for Ger and also won in 3 sets. In the final Rita and Oksana met for the second time on the day and this occasion Rita got the upper hand and won in a very close 5 sets. 

Mens 40’s 

In the round of 16 Pat McCloughan won in 3 sets over Phil Wallace. Oksana and Rita met again and Oksana proved the stronger and won in 5 sets. Robbie Gavin beat Dermot Tierney in 4 sets. Tibor also had a 4 sets win over Paul Gallagher. Eduardo beat Mark McAlister in 5 sets. In the Qtr’s Oleg beat Pat in straight sets. John Bowe had a hard fought 4 sets win over Oksana. Tibor proved too strong for Robbie. It was similar for Eduardo who beat Rory Scott in 3 sets. In the semi final Oleg again won in straight sets, this time against John Bowe. Eduardo won in a closely fought 3 sets over Tibor. Oleg beat Eduardo in 4 sets in the final. 

Mens 50’s 

In the round of 16 Dave Gibbons won in 3 sets over Gus Agnew. Philip Shaw beat Branko in 4 sets. Pat McCloughan won easily in 3 sets over Tommy Fitzgerald. Sean McAnaney also won easily over Yuri Pavlon. Mark McAlister won in 4 sets over Kieron Burke. Paul Gallagher also won in 4 over Jeremy Lappin. In the qtr’s Tibor beat Dave Gibbons in 4 sets. Pat beat Philip in 4 sets but sets 1 and 2 were very tight. Sean beat Mark in 4 close sets. Paul beat Des Flanagan in a close 5 sets in the battle of Donegal. In the semi final Tibor met Pat but Tibor proved the stronger to win in 4 sets. In yet another Donegal clash Sean beat Paul in a very tight 4 sets. This set up a rematch in the final between Tibor and Sean. On this occasion Tibor was too strong and won in 4 sets. 

Mens 60’s 

Kieron won in 4 sets over Brian Finn in the round of 16. Torsten had a closely fought 4 sets win over Brandan O’Fiach. Tommy Fitzgerald also won in 4 sets over Jeremy Lappin. Fergal O’Hagan beat Ken Peare in 4 sets. In the qtr’s Tommy Caffrey again met old rival Kieron Burke but on this occasion Kieron reversed the result of the last competition to win in 5 sets. Philip Shaw won in a very closely fought 5 sets over Torsten. Sean McAnaney beat Tommy Fitzgerald in 3 sets. Fergal caused a bit of an upset with his 5 sets victory over Terry Dolan. In the semi final Philip won easily in 3 sets over Kieron. Sean was too strong for Fergal and set up a final against Philip. Sean looked very much the winner and raced to a 2 sets lead but Philip fought back to gain a well earned win in 5 sets. 

Mens 70’s 

In the qtr’s top seed Brian Finn beat Albert Coulter in 3 sets. Shay O’Reilly proved too strong to win in 5 sets over David Jacobson. Jack O’Meara caused an upset with a deserved 4 sets win over Jim Storey. Tommy Caffrey won in straight sets over Norman Nabney. Brian continued his good form to win his semi final over Shay in 3 sets. Jack gave Tommy a fright but Tommy came out on top in 4 sets. 

Brian and Tommy met again in the final and similar to the last competition it went the full distance with Brian again proving the stronger to win a very tight 5 setter.