TTI BOARD BLOG – by Alan Strong

Remember – A. This is not an Update Report on Board Business; B. All comments are my own; C. The Blog is intended to inform, stimulate discussion and create a greater sense of TTI unity.

BE PREPARED – The Severe Weather caught all of us out in the last 10 days: Flights cancelled & Roads treacherous; Nationals called off & many frustrated with ‘last minute change of plans’ … but Safety First was the driving force for TTI Board decisions. Were you prepared for the impressive performances of the youthful Irish Men’s team as it defeated a determined San Marino side 5-0 in the ETTU Men’s Stage 1 Team Championships? Lufthansa Airlines were prepared, keeping the San Marino Squad in Belfast until Monday (6 days alter) while from TTI Chair Rob Cowan was host extraordinaire as he provided accommodation and chat for Portuguese International Umpire Carlos de Silva – also for 6 days!

BUILD A TEAM – Management Gurus will talk about the need for Teamwork to be a central pillar of an organisation, thereby avoiding running only Work-teams, which are only used for specific tasks, and then disbanded! TTI needs more team players at every level – Administrators, Coaches, Officials, Sponsors, Volunteers, Psychiatrists, Parents AND Players. ‘Your Sport needs you and a whole lot more!’ Watch out for a Call for ‘Expressions of Interest for new Directors and Committee Members to ensure that TTI spreads it workload and engages with a great number of workers – We have immense talent in our ranks …. so this is your opportunity.

BOYS or GIRLS This is not an option; it should be ‘Boys and Girls!’Every sport suffers from a perceived or real Gender Gap, and TT is no different; TTI needs Girls and Boys, Women and Men at every level of Recreation, Participation, Performance & Excellence – then we can rightly talk about “Table Tennis being a Sport for All”. The Board is addressing Women in Sport and Participation Initiatives in a fresh way, and it hopes to develop better plans in these areas – Watch this Space!

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Next BOARD BLOG in early April 2018.