Talent on show at the Laois Junior Open

Talented young table tennis players from Co Laois, along with good support from Carlow TTC and Crosspatrick TTC Co. Kilkenny, joined in the fun in Castletown Community hall on Sat 4th February. 

With an entry of 76 young players aged between 7 and 16 years, most noticeable was the great number of 9-10 year olds participating.

The event is designed to cater for up to 10 levels of ability with trophies for 1st and 2nd in each group. Many of those taking part came through the WIS scheme of the past two years. The event was organised and run by Jimmy Hayes.

The winners and runners–up are listed below but many other young players excelled on the day and were unlucky not to pick up silverware. Their talent did not go unnoticed and they will surly collect at the next Laois event.   

Many thanks to Jimmy Hayes for organising and running the event.

Results are as follows:

DIV-1 Winner –  Luke Dempsey (Carlow TTC)
Runner Up –      Amylou Hayes (Mountrath TTC)
DIV-2 Winner –  Dylan Grace (Rathdowney TTC)”
Runner Up   –    Jack Hannon (Carlow TTC)
DIV 3- Winner –  Nadia Krawczun (Mountrath TTC)
Runner Up  –      Daniel Owczarek (Carlow TTC)
DIV 4-Winner  – Jonathan Kelly (Rathdowney TTC)
Runner Up  –     Allison Bailey  (Killermogh TTC)
DIV 5– Winner – Paddy Vaughan (Crosspatrick TTC)
Runner Up   –    Sophie Kenny-Cleare (Carlow TTC)
DIV 6-Winner- Jack Carroll (Ballyroan TTC)
Runner Up-      Andrew Neill (Rathdowney TTC)
DIV 7-Winner-  Kevin Fitzpatrick (Ballytroan TTC)
Runner Up  –     Colm Walshe     (Ballyroan TTC)
DIV 8-Winner –  Steven Grant (Carlow TTC)
Runner Up –       Tiegan O’Connor (Mountrath TTC)
DIV 9-Winner – Radek——–(Carlow TTC) 
Runner Up  –    Casper —— (Carlow TTC)
DIV 10– Winner Davin McEvoy (Ballyroan TTC)
Runner Up –    Maria Brennan (Crosspatrick TTC)