STIGA Irish Junior Classification: Results

Eastpoint’s Ryan Farrell claimed a sensational win in the Under 14 Boys in DCU this weekend, defeating Club Donic’s Shi Zhao Li in an entertaining Final that was a credit to both players. Farrell’s attacking style and lethal backhand proved decisive in taming Zhao Li’s powerful forehand, as he controlled the fifth set to record the first National title of the season.

In the Junior Boys, ALSAA’a Sam Logue was comfortable in taking the title over international team-mate Ashley Robinson, while in the Junior Girls, Ulster’s Ashley Givan was in sparkling form when she defeated Mayo’s Sarah Timlin in the final. The Cadet Girl’s title was claimed by
Balgriffin’s Meadhbh Slattery again in 5 sets, beating Ulsters Emma Ludlow 11-9 in the fifth.

Ulster prevailed at Under 12 level, with Rebecca Finn and Ryan McConkey both claiming gold to start the season off in style.


Junior Boys : 1. S Logue,  2. A Robinson  3. S Zhao Li.
Cadet Boys : 1. R Farrell 2. S Zhao Li  3. K Hutchinson.
U12 Boys  : 1. R McConkey, 2. M Ditchburn, 3. C Gallagher.

Junior Girls : 1. A Givan, 2. S Timlin, 3. E O’Reilly.
Cadet Girls : 1. M Slattery  2. E Ludlow  3. K McGlone.
U12 Girls : 1. R Finn, 2. K McGlone, 3. E McGlone.

Full report to follow