Starball Junior Ability League Round 5

Winners at the Starball Jun Ability event Round 5

Round 5 of the Laois Starball Junior Ability League took place on April 14th in Castletown.  The event had another fine attendance with 10 divisions in all. 

Results were as follows:

Division 1 –  1st  Dylan Grace,   2nd  Luke Dempsey
Division 2 –  1st  Justynne Fabian,  2nd  Daniel Owczarek
Division 3  – 1st   Matthew Taylor,   2nd  Paudi McDonald
Division 4  – 1st   Brian Whelan,     2nd   Paddy Vaughan
Division 5  – 1st  Nicole Moynan,    2nd-Jack Carroll
Division 6.   1st  Benjamin Duffield  2nd Tiegan O’Connor
Division 7    1st  Hailey Hayes,    2nd  Sarah O’Connor
Division 8.   1st  Robbie Yocotan,  2nd Caoimhe Flannery
Division 9    1st  Una Rafter,     2nd  Adam Shirley
Division 10  1st John Moynan,  2nd Jessica Shirley

Many thanks to Jimmy Hayes for organising and running this event.