Sports Capital and Equipment Programme (ROI)

The SCEP is the Government’s primary vehicle for providing support to sports clubs and communities to develop high quality, accessible, safe, well-designed, sustainable facilities in appropriate locations and to provide appropriate equipment to help maximise participation in sport and physical recreation. Commercial organisations are not eligible for this programme, only voluntary non-profit making organisations.

Applications can be made online only from 9am on Friday 11th December 2020 until 5pm on Friday 12th February 2021. Any organisation applying for this programme must have a Tax Registration Number (TRN). This may take up to 10 working days to get confirmation of your TRN if you haven’t already got one. You should complete the following form and return to your local Revenue Office: . The TRN is the unique identifier for each organisation and is the username for logging into the system.  

The next step in obtaining a grant is to register on the Department’s online OSCAR system on The Department will check and approve your registration and once your organisation is registered, you are ready to apply for funding. Each organisation can only put in one application, so we urge you to prioritise what you want to apply for. An organisation will be required to provide Match Funding at a minimum of 5% of the project total cost. An organisation will get extra marks for providing a higher percentage of the project costs themselves.

In the Guide to Registration” (see link below), there is a list of what the programme does and does not fund. If it is your intention to apply for funding for a project that will require planning permission, you will need to get started on some of the documentation. Clubs can make contact directly with the Department should you have questions on what you intend to get funding for. If clubs have other queries, they can contact Table Tennis Ireland for assistance.

Additional information on applying for the programme can be found on the following links:

Guide to Registration

2020 Guide to Making an Application

Sports Capital YouTube Channel

Presentation on making an application for the 2018 Sports Capital Programme: