Senior Schools International 24-26th of June

The following players have accepted their selection for the Senior Schools international Championships which is taking place in Largs, Scotland on the 24th – 26th of June.

U18 Boys

  • Adam Faulkner (Osmond)
  • Oscar Gao (Loop)
  • James Skelton (Ormeau)
  • Max Skelton (Ormeau)

U16 Boys

  • Sean Loughnane (South Coast)
  • Aedan Mc Givern (Craigavon)
  • Jonathan Mooney (Ormeau)
  • Senan Sheridan (Ormeau)

U14 Boys

  • Matthew Mooney (Ormeau)
  • Vincent Ni (Loop)
  • Aaditya Singh (Ormeau)
  • Bruce Tan (Loop)

U19 Girls

  • Anna Kelly (Ormeau)
  • Lucy McIvor (Ormeau)

U16 Girls

  • Anjali Singh (Ormeau)
  • Lily Smith  (Ormeau)

U14 Girls  

  • Grace Looney  (Ormeau)
  • Niamh Mason (Ormeau)


Ryan Farrell

Conn Higgins

Emma McSorley

Chloe O’Halloran

Erin Thompson


Jay McAllister

Con O’Ceadaigh

We would like to wish the very best of luck to all our players, coaches and umpires travelling to Largs next weekend.