Report: Stefan and Peadar compete at World Youth Contender Havirov 2023

Peadar Sheridan and Stefan Bonchev accompanied by coach Conn Higgnins travelled to Havirov, Czech Republic to compete in the world Youth contender.

In the U13 Boys singles group stages, Peadar had three good wins against Czechia (3-1), Austria (3-1) and UAE (3-0) before losing to Poland (0-3) in his group. Stefan Bonchev played in his first ever WTT event , losing to Poland (0-3), Romania (0-3) and Germany (0-3) before claiming his first Victory versus UAE (3-1).

Peadar finished 2nd in his group making it to the round of 16 where he faced a tough opponent from Ukraine, unfortunately Peadar wasn’t successful this time losing (1-3)

Stefan Bonchev also competed in U11 boys singles. In the group stages he defeated Czechia (3-0), lost to Austria (1-3) and bear UAE (3-0). Having finished second in his group ,Stefan roared his way into the quarter final where he beat Chen Sung Bin of Austria (3-2). In the semi final Another close battle with Flaumenhaft from Poland saw Stefan winning (3-0).

In the final Stefan played Fegerl (Austria) who had beaten him in the group. Stefan Faces Into a 2-0 lead . At 9/9 in the third luck fell the way of the Austria boy who won 11/9. The Austrian won the fourth and in a tense fifth , won by 11/8. An outstanding performance from Stefan in his first ever Wtt event.