Player Spotlight: Jean Wyse

Returning to our regular features on players, we are delighted to put  the spotlight on Jean Wyse …. who was a top Junior in the 90s and represented Ireland at numerous junior and cadet events, including the European Youth Championships. Jean was an exciting attacking player at Junior level who had lots of flair and she dominated both the Cadet and Junior rankings during this period. She also played for Leinster at both Senior and Junior Interprovincial level during this time. Jean’s return to the game has highlighted that she has lost none of her attacking flair – finishing in the top 8 at the Senior Classification – and firing a warning shot to all other players for the rest of the season. We wish Jean, and her extended fan club including 6 month old son – Mick- every good wish throughout the coming season.

Returning to the Game – Jean Wyse

I started playing table tennis in the early 80’s in Baldoyle with a fantastic coach, Johnny Bridgeman. Having participated internationally at junior and senior level for a number of years I unfortunately fell out of the sport around ’95 for a number of reasons, mainly geographical. By the time I eventually dusted off the bat in ’07, a lot had changed both for myself (new surname, permanent base in Ennis Co. Clare) and for the game (time outs, no glue, no bat fault, games to 11 to name a few). It was great to see so many familiar faces still involved in playing/coaching and interesting to meet and watch the latest generation of players.  

My greatest challenge this year will be finding the time to play the domestic senior events while looking after a new baby. In the medium term, my aims are to keep enjoying the game I love and at some point qualify again to play senior interpros for my adopted province of Munster. Long term I hope to focus on the Veterans which I will be eligible for in 2014. If the I.T.T.A. could organise changing the name to ‘Masters’ instead of ‘Veterans’ by then, I would much appreciate it!
DOB: 29/06/1974
Club: Here and there!
Height: 5’7″
Coach: Position Vacant!
Style: Attacking
Equipment: Timo Boll ALC, Mark V, Sriver G3
Favourite players: Jan Ove Waldner, Vladimir Samsonov
Favourite Irish players: Colum Slevin, Tommy Caffrey, Amanda Mogey