Level 1 Coaching Course

The Level 1 TTI Coach Course is accredited by Sport Ireland Coaching. Successful candidates will receive a certificate and can be included in the soon to be launched Coach Database. Candidates should be aged final year junior or above, however, subject to space, potential candidates who fulfil most criteria may be considered for admission by the tutor.

It is proposed that the classroom based aspects of the course would be conducted via a multimedia/conferencing platform, likely over a number of days, with the practical aspects of the course taking place separately, on a single day, with candidates assessed on that day.

Given that final details will need to be agreed with Sport Ireland Coaching, we are not yet in a position to confirm exact details and dates, and apologise for any lack of clarity; however, we would like to gauge the level of interest for such an initiative.

The requirements for potential candidates will be access to the internet, and a computer/phone/laptop equipped for sound and vision.

Please contact the office ([email protected]) to make application to be included on the list for the project, and for further details about the course.