National Awards Announcement for the 2022/23 Season

The National Award recipients were presented by the President, Tony Martin at the Annual General Meeting on the 10th of June 2023, in the Conference Room at the Irish Sports HQ. 

This year’s Joe Veselsky Award in recognition of endeavour and achievement on behalf of the Association has been awarded to Oliver Adamson. Oliver has been successful as an administrator, a player and an organiser. A member of the ITTA Board where he was a representative of the Veterans game. Oliver led an organising committee for the 6 Nations Veterans Championships in 2006 in Belfast which ran very smoothly.

He had a successful life as a player with some 75 caps as a Veteran. He won several 6 Nations championships with Tommy Caffrey, along with other Irish Veterans ranking events including Irish Closed Doubles. During his time as Chair of the Veterans Association a proper ranking system was introduced.

Besides all the other work he was involved in, he was General Secretary of the Dublin Business Houses League from 1968 until 1977. Aided by a vibrant committee, the league became the largest of its type in Europe during his tenure.

A very worthy winner!

Oliver Adamson

The Senior Male Player of the Year has been awarded to Tom Davis and Senior Female Player of the Year to Mia O’Rahilly Egan.

Other Awards decided are:

Junior Male Player of the Year: Peadar Sheridan

Peadar’s award collected by his brother

Junior Female Player of the Year: Anjali Singh

Anjali’s award collected by her father Ranjit

Para Player of the Year: Paddy Vaughan

Paddy Vaughan

Young Coach of the Year: Conor Nugent

Male Coach of the Year: Gavin Maguire

Female Coach of the Year: Tara Fusco

Tara Fusco

Volunteer of the Year: Philip Shaw

Philip Shaw

Club of the Year: Ormeau Table Tennis Club Belfast

Accepted by Club Chairman Tom McCreery

School of the Year: Grosvenor Grammar School

Accepted by Head of PE Rachael Murdock

International Performance of the year: Irish Team at the Oster Cup (Germany).

Irish Under 19 Girls Team: Gold Medal (Anjali Singh, Grace Looney, Niamh Mason)

Irish Under 19 Boys Team: Silver Medal (Tom Colvin, James Skelton, Ben Watson and Adam Faulkner)

Gold Medal in Under 19 Girls Singles: Anjali Singh

Gold Medal in Under 19 Boys Singles: Tom Colvin

Adam Faulkner and Ben Watson

The end of Season Underage Irish No.1’s were also announced at the AGM and presented as follows: 

Irish No. 1 – Under 19 Boys 2022/23: Johnathan Mooney  

Irish No.1 – Under 15 Boys 2022/23: Vincent Ni  

Irish No. 1 – Under 13 Boys 2022/23: Peadar Sheridan  

Irish No. 1 – Under 19 Girls 2022/23:  Anjali Singh  

Irish No.1 – Under 15 Girls 2022/23: Lily Parke

Irish No. 1 – Under 13 Girls 2022/23: Ahna McDonnell 

Congratulations to all recipients of these awards.