Masters Munster Open 2017

A high quality field provided some enthralling encounters in the Over 40s event. In the first knockout round, the defensive wiles of Rory Scott prevailed over the spin attack of Tibor Pofok on a scoreline of 12,-7,-10,8,10. However, Rory had no answer for the power game of debutant Philip Wallace in the semi- final.

Philip Shaw used his committed forehand drives to great effect against Daryl Strong in the  other semi-final. Several long rallies presented a great spectacle, but the players may not have thought so. Daryl was fortunate to win in the fifth. Team mates Phil and Daryl played a tremendous match in the final. However, Phil always had the edge in the final game, winning it 11-6.

The Ladies event provided a nail-biting countback at the group stage. Paula O’Neill scored a tremendous early win over Sharon. However, when Irene McNevin beat Paula later, Paula slipped from third place to fourth! Sharon went on to test Teresa to the max in the semi-final, just missing out in the critical exchanges at the close. In the final, Teresa was progressing favourably, leading 8-3 in the third. An innocuous edge ball seemed to disrupt Teresa’s concentration. Ger gained momentum, hitting forceful winners to both wings. Eventually, Ger ran out as a worthy winner on a scoreline of -6,7,9,4. Doubtless, Paula, Irene and Sharon will gain much confidence from their performances here. Let’s hope this heralds a sustained increase in the numbers of ladies playing in our events!

In the 50s, Pat McCloughan’s consistent top spin game from both wings proved too good on the day, beating Dave Pemberton to claim the title,-7,-9,7,8,7. Maestro Tommy Caffrey reigned supreme in the 60s and 70s. He beat Philip Shaw 3-1 in the 60s semi -final.Then, trailing 5-8 in the first, he skewered our bemused Secretary with a devastating burst of ten points from eleven to win 9,6,9 in the final. Subsequently, in a depleted 70s event, he beat Martin Pickles 4,7,-10,-9,4 to claim the spoils. It must be said that a flickering oil gauge indicator light disrupted Kieran Burke’s mindset for the entire day, coming, trying to play, and going. “Things can only get better, Kieran!”

We are most grateful to all at Wayside TTC for their contribution to a successful day. The efforts of all who helped with catering, umpiring, setting up, taking down tables and barriers, are greatly appreciated. Sharon, Dave and Brian should be pleased with the outcome overall!

Our best wishes go to our members who are coping with illness at this time.

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