Leinster Schools League: Update


Below please find Fixture Sheets for Cup and League Match Sheets.  Please print out the relevant match sheet and bring it with you to your match.  Fill out the fixture sheets by hand at the match.  You can then type up the details in a blank fixture sheet and e-mail me the electronic version.  Alternatively, you may scan and e-mail the results to [email protected]
Cup Match Sheet (See attached)League Match Sheet (See attached)

UNDER 13 BOYSCup Competition (Here)
Under 13 Primary Schools LeagueFixtures (Here)Results (Here)
Under 13 Secondary  Schools LeagueFixtures (Here)Results (Here)

UNDER 15 BOYSCup Competition (Here)Fixtures (Secondary Boys Under 15 – Fixtures)Results (Secondary Boys Under 15 – Results)

UNDER 18 BOYSCup Competition (Here)Fixtures (Secondary Boys Under 18 – Fixtures)Results (Secondary Boys Under 18 – Results )

PRIMARY SCHOOL GIRLSCup Competition (Here)Fixtures (Here)Results (Here)SECONDARY SCHOOL GIRLSCup Competition (Here)Fixtures (Here)Results ( Here)