Leinster Junior Metro: Results

This weekend’s Leinster Junior Metropolitan event represented a double success for ALSAA Ravens, with Sam Logue taking the Junior Boys and Rebecca Kenny taking the Junior Girls, following hard-fought victories over Corey O’Rourke and Meadbh Slattery respectively. Shi Zhao Li continued his dominance in Irish Cadet table tennis with victory over Ryan Farrell while Meadbh Slattery took the Cadet girls event with victory over Katie McGlone.

Junior Boys

1. S Logue

2. C O’Rourke

3. M Szyimanski

Junior Girls

1. R Kenny

2. M Slattery

3. L Matise

Cadet Boys

1. S Zhao Li

2. R Farrell

3. K Kelly

Cadet Girls

1. M Slattery

2. K McGlone

3. A Lou Hayes

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Sam Logue
Becca Kenny

Pictures thanks to Phyllis Kenny.