Junior British League – Final Standings as Irish Teams flourish in Tipton

Irish Teams had a very successful weekend in Tipton at the Junior British League. 74 teams spread across 12 Divisions ascended on Tipton in the English Midlands. Despite the strong depth of the Junior British League Irish teams claimed 4 Titles, 1 Runner-Up spot, 1 third place and 2 fourths.

The Irish Boys of Tom Davis, Conor Mullally, Kevin Hutchinson and Ryan Farrell all played a part in securing the Division 2B title over the two weekends. Not only did they win they remained unbeaten with 9 Wins and 1 Draw.

The Irish Girls of Ashley Givan, Hannah Lynch-Dawson, Katie McGlone and Edel O’Reilly finished 4th in the Premier League. Over the two weekends there record was 2W, 4D, 4L. The girls did very well in a very competitive division.

The Ulster Girls A of Emma Ludlow, Annalise Walker and Scotlands Lucy Elliot finished on top of Division 2, they also claimed the title while remaining undefeated (9W, 1D). Congratulations to Lucy Elliot who remained unbeaten over the 2 weekends.

Munster Girls (Chloe O’Halloran, Lynn O’Shea, Brielle Brady and Valentina Puotkalis) finished 4th in Division 2. Chloe O’Halloran won 17 out of 20 of her matches.

Ulster Boys 1 of Kieran Reilly, Trevor Knox and Jonathan Porter claimed third place in Divison 3A, their record was 3W 5D 2L.  

UCD Dublin made up of Li Shi Zhao, Tobias Wolff, Geoffrey O’Connor, Jack Donnelly, Stefan Kelly and Charlie Fitzgerald claimed the Division 3B title. Li Shi Zhao remained undefeated over the two weekends, so too did his team as they won 7 and drew 3.

Ulster Girls B of Rebecca Finn, Laura Finn and Erin Thompson played 10 and won 10 and dropped only 5 matches in doing so. Laura and Rebecca both won 19 out of 20 matches.

Ulster Boys 2 of Eric Shekleton, Kris Foster, Ryan McConkey and Zak Wilson finished in 2nd place they were on course to win the division but two narrow 5 set defeats meant they dropped to 2nd going into the final match against Pompey and a draw was enough for Pompey to stop the Ulster Boys and steel the title on the last day.

Thanks to Ann Ludlow who kept us up to date on Twitter.

Well done to all involved you can check out detailed results on the Junior British League Website here.