Irish Boys Claim Landmark Victory

A fantastic TEAM performance results in a great achievement for the Irish Junior Boys Team as they win the Junior British League Premier Title for the first time.

Following on from Weekend 1 when the Irish Boys blew the opposition away, they travelled to the final weekend of the event carrying the weight of expectation of the Irish table tennis community. The players did not disappoint and rose to the occasion magnificently, taking scalps off higher ranked players and in the case of Paul McCreery, progressing through the weekend with a 100% record. There was great spirit and support among all the members of the team which helped to deliver solid individual performances. The Junior British league is a very well run event and a perfect event for Irish teams to participate in.  It is the perfect standard to challenge and develop our players whilst providing the chance of real success by finishing in a medal position.  Psychologically this is a big boost for the players and staff in the run up to big events such as the Six Nations, Austrian Youth Open and European Youth Championships. Ireland’s Junior Boys epitomised the meaning of Team over the course of the two weekends at Junior British League.

NPC Marcus McDonnell was understandably thrilled: “I would like to personally like to congratulate each team member for their great contribution – It wasn’t plain sailing all the way and each player had their ups and downs along the way but kept their chin up and got back to the task at hand very quickly.  Paul McCreery, Sam Hanley, Ashley Robinson and Sam Logue were all in the top 10 of best individual averages, with Paul McCreery topping the table with 18 wins and only 2 losses. We will look forward to defending our new title late in 2010.”

Technical Director John O’Donoghue was keen to highlight this historic achievement: “I am absolutely thrilled that we have finally won this title, its a title we haven’t won before. I would like to pay tribute to the players and coach for pulling off this victory against England’s top ranked players.”

Final Premier Division Table