European Youth Series Croatia – Report

What an impressive achievement by the mixed team from Ireland with Peadar Sheridan and Stefan Bonchev! They partnered with Switzerland girls and had some remarkable victories in the European Youth Series Croatia. They defeated Austria, Croatia 2, Slovakia and Croatia 1. Their only loss to Romania 3-6. The table tennis in the semi-final was described as unbelievable.

The boys showed courage by taking three wins, but the girls were narrowly beaten, resulting in an overall loss of 5-3. Despite the loss, they managed to claim a bronze medal. It’s great to see such a strong performance from the team!

Its fantastic to hear that Coach Conn Higgins was incredibly impressed with the skill, medal strength and team spirit of both boys. Its evident that their hard work and dedication is paying off and their performances were truly commendable. Having a coach who recognizes and appreciates their efforts can be a great source of motivation for the player. Kudos to the boys for showcasing their talent and teamwork.