Developing a Strategy for Volunteer Engagement

Table Tennis Ireland has embarked on the development of a strategy focused on recruiting and
retaining volunteers in the sport. This initiative aims to support our commitment to the community
around this wonderful and engaging sport. We are calling upon anyone who is part of the Table Tennis
Ireland community to participate.

Whether you are currently a volunteer or contemplating the possibility of becoming one, we are
interested in your perspective. Volunteers form the backbone of many sports, and table tennis is no
exception. They play a crucial role in organising events, coaching players, maintaining equipment, and
numerous other tasks that keep the sport alive and thriving. However, challenges in recruiting and
retaining volunteers can hinder the smooth running of these operations.

That’s where our new strategy will come in. We aim to develop an action plan/strategy that will not
only attract new volunteers to the sport but also ensure that current volunteers continue to find their
roles fulfilling and rewarding. This strategy will be shaped by the experiences and opinions of the
people who know best: our volunteers and potential volunteers. We want to understand what
motivates you to volunteer, what challenges you face, and how we can better support you in your role.
But to do this, we need your input. We have prepared a questionnaire designed to gather insights into
your experiences and perspectives on volunteering for table tennis. It covers a variety of topics, from
your motivations for volunteering to the challenges you face, and the types of support you feel would
be most beneficial. Your responses will be invaluable in helping us shape our action plan/strategy and
ensure that it truly meets the needs of our volunteers.

The questionnaire should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to complete, but the impact of your
contribution could be profound. Your input could help shape the future of Table Tennis in Ireland,
ensuring that it continues to be a sport enjoyed by many, powered by the passion and commitment of
its volunteers.
Please Click HERE to take you straight to the questionnaire
We appreciate your time and look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of our volunteer
community. Your insights will go a long way in helping us develop a strategy that empowers our
volunteers, strengthens our community, and fuels the growth of Table Tennis in Ireland. Thank you in
advance for your participation