Colin Judge ranked 11th in the World

Table Tennis Ireland Paralympian Colin Judge has been competing hard in many para events recently. Towards the end of June, he finished in 3rd place at the Para Czech Republic Open and 3rd place in the Para Montenegro Open. Some other great results in 2022, have ensured that Colin has been invited to take part in the Para World Table Tennis Championships in November. Colin has been training hard and prepping ahead of this exciting event, keep it up Colin!

Colin is currently ranked 11th in World which is the highest he has been ranked since his reclassification in 2019. Colin is also at superb 7th in Europe in Class 3 Men’s, two outstanding rankings. All his hard work and preparation is paying off!

We are all very proud of Colin and his outstanding achievementS, and we know that he will represent Ireland extremely well in the Para Table Tennis World Championships in Granada in November 2022.

Best of luck Colin from all of us at Table Tennis Ireland, we know that you will do great. We are all behind you wishing you all the best.