Club Affiliation Webinars

TTI will be running two webinars to update all clubs on the new club affiliation process for the season 2024 – 25. There will be two opportunities for clubs to attend the same webinar. club administrators and or chair to attend. the duration of these sessions will be an hour long.   

Please register via the zoom registration link provided and sign up for your chosen session. 

Wednesday the 17th of July at 7:30pm

Monday the 22nd of July at 7:30pm

 In this webinar we will be explaining the following:
1. The club affiliation process
2. The benefits of Club affiliation
3. How clubs can use the just go platform to manage their own club Membership, collect and bulk upload all members to the database.

If you have any other questions or queries please don’t hesitate to e mail: [email protected]