How Table Tennis Ireland celebrated WTTD

On Tuesday the 6th of April we at Table Tennis Ireland celebrated World Table Tennis Day. We hosted an online live session with 2 of our female players and coaches. We hosted the event in conjunction with the ITTF Foundation #FEMpowerment movement. 

Our inspiring hosts showcased many skills and tricks to those that attended and brought them through a live Table Tennis session. As one of the ITTF Foundation promoters for World Table Tennis Day our event was a huge success, and we had a record number of approximately 50 attendees who joined in on the session. 

We would like to thank Craigavon for their help and support in allowing us to have access to their venue to host our event. In addition, thanks to Joe Colvin who provided all necessary support to ensure that we hosted a successful live session. 

Throughout the day many of our female members set skill challenges for everyone to try out.  Many participants have also entered in various skill competitions to win some cool prizes. 

We would like to express our gratitude to our female members who helped us promote and run our event. They have inspired many women to participate in sport.  A special thank you to Rachael Scott, Rebecca Finn, Erin Thompson, Claire Heller, Mia O’Rahilly Egan, Nicole Scott, Amanda Taylor, Rachel Taylor, Lucy Johnston, Lucy Craig, Thuy Linh Cashman, Tara Fusco and Sophie Earley. Their participation ensured the success of our event and helped spread awareness and visibility of Women in Sport within the table tennis community.  

Check out our video below, the highlights of how we celebrated World Table Tennis Day.

World Table Tennis Day Skills Competition

We wish to thank everyone who took part in our World Table Tennis Day skills competition. We had many great entries but there could only be a few winners! We wish to announce our winners of the skill competitions: 

Overall Female Winner – Emily Kidd 

Joint Overall Male Winner – Boris Bonchev

Joint Overall Male Winner – Stefan Bonchev

Coach Rebecca’s Choice – Eimear Hutchinson 

Coach Rachael’s Choice – Ciara Hutchinson 

Best short touch Challenge – Rachel Taylor 

Best Keep-Up Challenge – Amanda Taylor 

Best Accuracy Challenge – Sophia Cogan 

Best Creative Entry – Emma Rowe 

Best Side Edge Challenge – Dilyara Boncheva 

Congratulations to all of our winners! 

We had a very successful and enjoyable World Table Tennis Day as one of the promoters for the ITTF initiative for #FEMpowerment. We can’t wait for next year’s World Table Tennis Day.