Cathcart selected for ITTF Training Programme

Some fantastic news has filtered through today as Ireland’s Owen Cathcart has been selected for the ITTF’s new ‘Rough Diamond’ Programme. 

The Rough Diamond Programme is a new initiative in which the ITTF are targeting top young Under 15 players from all over the world with a view to nurturing world class talent. 

In total, 20 players (10 boys, 10 girls) have been selected, with the first camp taking place in Luxembourg over 8 days in September. 

Of the 20 players selected, only 6 of these are European, further highlighting the magnitude of Owen’s achievement.

The Europeans to make the Boys group include Sidorenko (RUS) Moregardh (SWE), the current number 1 and 2 ranked players, as well as Rasenfosse (BEL).

Special invited players for the first camp include the Number 1 and 2 U15 Players in the World; Japan’s Harimoto and Uda.

The camp will be led by Chinese National Team Coaches, with emphasis placed on four key areas; Quality training, quality coaching, an individual approach, motivational education.

Congratulations to Owen on this exceptional achievement! We wish him the very best for the first camp in September.