Calling ALL Clubs!

TTI are calling all active table tennis clubs to get registered with TTI and feature on our Club Finder. Do you know a club that’s not on the list?

See Our Club Finder HERE

The Club Finder is a great tool for potential new members to find your club. Our office get calls & emails on a weekly basis about places to play and people are always referred to the club map on our website. The club map gives these potential members direct contact to you or your club and the ability to come down and get involved. Being registered with us not only provides your club with a great visual promotional tool but secondly keeps you in direct line with the National Governing Body and enables you to apply from any grants that may come up from your Local Sports Partnership along with a host of other direct benefits. 

In order to register, send a simple email declaring your clubs interest to [email protected] and we will take it from there.