Butterfly – National Sponsor for our National Teams.

The ITTA is delighted to support our Official Clothing Sponsor –  Butterfly / Tees Sport – who sponsor the clothing requirements for the  Senior Mens and Womens National Teams, together with the Junior and  Cadets National Teams. The Irish Junior and Senior National  Championships, our most prestigious domestic tournaments, together  with the Irish Junior and Senior Ranking Lists are also branded under  the Butterfly banner.

Butterfly have developed an international reputation for quality  through its products and service, and is serviced throughout Ireland  by its agent – Mr. Andrew Dennison.

Andrew can be contacted on [email protected] or on 0044  7740685229, and will be marketing the brand at our upcoming Butterfly  Senior and Junior Nationals in ALSAA.

Pictured with Andrew Dennison at the Senior Classification 2010, are  top Irish players who are sponsored by Butterfly/Tees Sport – (L to R)  Ashley Robinson, Paul McCreery and Ryan Farrell