Bronze medal for Sheridan in WTT Metz

Peadar Sheridan from Ormeau TTC and Vincent Ni from Loop TTC, competed in various youth tournaments in Europe. Peadar Sheridan showed great consistency in the u13/15 categories, reaching 2 quarter-finals and winning a bronze medal in the u13 category in WTT Youth Contender Metz. He won 13 out of 16 matches over 12 days and moved into the top 15 in the world youth ranking for u13 players. Peadar also reached round 32 in all three contenders.

Vincent Ni (Loop TTC) on the other hand, competed in the u15/17 events, reaching the round of 64 in WTT Youth Contender Spa and the round of 32 in WTT Youth Contender Metz. He had an incredible match against Gorkem Ocal from Turkey, who is a silver medalist in the u17 event. Vincent Ni lost in a five-set thriller, with the deciding set ending 11-13.

Both players have shown great potential and determination in their performances, and it seems like they have a bright future ahead in the world of table tennis. Coach Conn Higgins, was highly impressed with the silky skills and composure under pressure shown by both boys. He finished by saying this was very good preparation for European Youth Championships ahead.