Boll Takes European Super Cup Title

For  the  third  time  in  the  row, German  star Timo BOLL will  leave Russia  50.000 USD  richer. BOLL defended his title once again and beat compatriot Dimitrij OVTCHAROV in the final of the Super Cup tonight in St. Petersburg. Vladimir SAMSONOV won the match for the third place.

Despite  the  huge  support  from  the  spectators, Dimitrij  failed  to  jeopardize  the  status  of  the  best European player. Timo was hardly challenged in two opening games, but had some difficulties in the third. OVTCHAROV leveled at 8:8, and put BOLL on first test. Young Dimitrij had a chance in the next game as well. “I played perfect we can not blame OVTCHAROV for a quick final. In addition as a left-hander and a player who knows his style very well  I prevented him  from attacking me with  the  serve. Dima  lost that advantage and it affect his self confidence as well,” explained BOLL.

The match  against  Vladimir  SAMSONOV  preserved  the  title  of  the most  excitingt  game  at  the Event, and one that was most challenging for the winner. “I had a good start, but Vladi fought back very hard in the second game. After I had a lead 8:4, he managed to win that set and opened the game. It was very good match.” Vladimir  SAMSONOV  won  the  match  for  the  third  position  and  15.000  USD,  whilst  for  Kalinikos KREANGA there was the consolation in 10.000 USD for the fourth position.