A Bright Start to 2024 as Sheridan’s Star Shines Bright with Silver Medal at WTT Linz

In the WTT Youth Contender in Linz, Austria, Peadar Sheridan, a Contender in the boys U13 event, he had an impressive performance. He went on a seven-match unbeaten streak, defeating players from various countries. In the group stage, he defeated Czigler from Romania, Mayer from Hungary, Li Hao Chen from England, and Seung Chen from Australia. In the round of 16, he showcased superb skills and beat Chen from Hong-Kong. In the Quarter final, he had a spellbinding performance and defeated Vamosi from Hungary with a score of 3-1. In the semi-finals, he outplayed Toro from Romania with a score of 3-1. In the final, he faced defender Okada from Japan, who won with a score of 3-0.

In the u15 event, Peadar had a tough match against Moravek from Czechia and unfortunately lost. However, he had a great victory in the round of 64 against Zihan Lin from England. In the round of 33, he battled bravely against Girlinger from Austria but lost with a score of 0-3.

Stefan Bonchev, who moved up from U11 category, faced some difficult matches in qualifying fir the U13 and U15 events. However, he had a convincing win against Italian player Slavec with a score of 3-0. In the mixed doubles U15 event, Stefan partnered with Bhai from Ukraine. They won two rounds but lost in the last 16 to a strong Croatian Pair.